Technology Adoption by Doctors Improving the Indian Healthcare Delivery System

Nilesh Aggarwal, Co-Founder, eMediNexus
Tuesday, February 21, 2017
Nilesh Aggarwal, Co-Founder, eMediNexus
Headquartered in New Delhi, eMediNexus is an innovative healthcare technology platform that enables doctors and other medical professionals to connect with each other for second opinion and sharing a patient's medical results.

Technology has touched every aspect of human life. This is true of the healthcare sector as well. Even till a few years back, India's healthcare sector was lagging behind in terms of technology adoption. However, the recent times have brought in some much-needed development. The union of technology and healthcare has opened up new avenues to address a multitude of issues. From storing medical records to diagnostic and therapeutic methodologies, technology is revolutionizing the healthcare delivery system in the country. Research firm Gartner reveals that $1.2 billion was spent on healthcare related IT products and services alone in 2015, which is up by seven percent over the previous year.

The Challenges

Some of the problems that IT can help address in the country include -

  • According to the WHO, the doctor-to-patient ratio in India is a mere 1:1700, even when there are more than 6.5 lakh doctors currently available.

  • The quality of healthcare services delivered to the citizens is also a matter of concern, with limited service reaching rural areas. Information dissemination is another challenge as is visibility of beds, essential medicines, equipment and life saving resources such as blood.

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