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Talisma: Moving beyond CRM

Anamika Sahu
Thursday, November 29, 2012
Anamika Sahu
"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change," stated Charles Darwin. In the era of cut throat competition, one has to be flexible in adopting changes and the current changes are driven by the customers. Organizations of all sizes are accentuating on customer loyalty to burgeon as winners in the industry and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is playing a crucial role in strengthening this ecosystem.
Incorporated during the internet bubble of 2000, Talisma has grown by leaps and bounds not just in terms of its products, services and consulting portfolio but also in customer numbers and geographies. The company has also become a pioneer in the field of customer experience management thanks to a unique combination of products, services and consulting offerings that are aligned to help Talisma’s customers deliver exceptional customer service.

"Unlike traditional software products, we have a product which is boxed or requires heavy upfront implementation, we have developed products that are vertical specific and also incorporates global best practices on the CRM side and we also do consulting on customer experience. Our value proposition is unmatched in the industry," says Raj Mruthyunjayappa, Managing Director, Asia Pacific and EMEA, Talisma Corporation.

Talisma believes loyalty cannot be a blueprint and has to be built by delivering enriching and fulfilling experiences to the customer. Today, the company is entering what is widely hailed as the era of the experiential economy. The customer is at the center of this transition and is more powerful today than ever before. Traditional customer engagement practices that revolved around transactions are passé and businesses have realized that to have long term profitable relationships with customers, they have to engage them at an emotional level.
Tailored to the industry’s culture, constituents and best practices, Talisma understands the organizational processes and workflows and delivers products developed keeping the unique needs of their customers viz., students, clients, citizens or global companies in mind. With the help of Talisma’s software, businesses can deliver experiences that appeal to customers at an emotional level. Be it brand building, implementing innovative marketing practices, relationship-based engagement, insight driven transactions or simply engaging the customer through social media, Talisma covers every base for its customers.

In a demanding and highly competitive environment of digital media marketing, social media has emerged as the new engagement frontier. Not only do social media channels provide a treasure trove of knowledge on customer behavior, but they also enable direct contact and participation in conversations involving customers, prospects, influencers and other relevant stakeholders. “We help companies deepen social media engagement and analyze the behavior of your target audience on social media. Let me put it this way among other things, if there is a conversation on your brand or product occurring on social media, we make sure you are part of it. Through the sentiment analysis feature, you will be able to gauge the prevailing sentiment of conversations and intervene appropriately in a timely manner,” adds Raj.

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