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Sutherland Global Services: Offering Employees Unrivalled Growth Opportunities

Anamika Sahu
Friday, August 19, 2016
Anamika Sahu
Providing Exceptional Service to some of the World's Most Prestigious Brands

Since its inception in 1986, Sutherland Global Services, one of the world's largest privately owned BPO companies, has remained focused on helping its clients maximize their customer lifetime value. Through applying their deep vertical industry proficiency, innovation in automaton, digital technology solutions and business process expertise, Sutherland drives operational performance with measurable results helping clients maximize their competitive advantage. Its vast portfolio of integrated offerings, which includes analytics-driven back-office and customer facing solutions supports the entire customer lifecycle. This focus has earned the company a rating in the Fortune 500 list and continually enables them to add some of the world's most prestigious brands to their client roster.

The company has more than 38,000 employees in over 60 locations with more than 15,000 based in India. In an industry of high churn, Sutherland has created a place where employees want to stay. Supported by its ambitious growth targets, it offers employees support and training, competitive compensation, defined career paths, a recognition program, benefits on par with the best in the industry, as well as attractive performance linked incentives. "Our back office businesses have a very low turnover due to the type of work it entails," explains Anil Joseph, Vice President & India Head of Human Resources. "These career enriching jobs offer depth of experience in complex processing. In addition, our internal career opportunities allow global experience should employees have the desire".

Sutherland employees have opportunities to gain experiences across nine industries, six continents and 19 countries. "Entrepreneurial Spirit is one of Sutherland's values and our work environment encourages employees to be curious, to take a few risks and learn from their mistakes," said Dilip Vellodi, Sutherland Chairman & CEO. "At the heart of our global operations we focus on sustaining a diverse work environment and workforce, enhancing creativity and innovative thinking, a critical ingredient to help us meet the unique needs of our worldwide clients and the communities in which we operate. It is due to the hard work and determination of our people that we are able to serve our clients so well and continue to grow our company. The reason Sutherland is such a great place to work is simple - our people and the passion they share for providing exceptional service to our clients".

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