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Startup Product Companies: a Pleasure to work with!

Shuchi Nijhawan
Head – Global HR-Eka Software Solutions
Thursday, February 28, 2013
 Shuchi Nijhawan
Founded in 2004, Eka Software Solutions is a provider of commodity trade and risk management software for global commodity markets with presence in U.S., UK, Australia and India. The Bangalore based company has received $10 million from the G Premjee Group and Nexus Venture Partners.

There is no doubt that the Indian software industry has grown significantly in the last two decades: India is now recognized as one of the dominant players in the global market. The Indian software industry is largely identified with software services companies that have set a high benchmark in terms of delivery and process functions. This focus on services has somewhat relegated product development to the background. The last decade, however, has seen a five-fold growth in the number of product companies emerging from India.

Small product companies have the advantage of progressing consistently even during an economic crisis, as they have reasonable business targets and do not usually have large overheads/extra employees in a bench pool making the smaller company well positioned for the future. A small product company finds its niche in a rapidly growing segment. Several such companies have emerged of late and are driving India’s talent in the global competitive arena. Working in a small company is a different high of sorts and there are various reasons why the Indian youth’s mindset is slowly warming to working for them.

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