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Solution Creation & Marketing Challenges in a Startup

Prashant Mitta
Founder & CEO-TechInventio
Monday, July 2, 2012
Prashant Mitta
Most business faces the well known "chicken and egg" situations once in a while and startups seem to encounter it more often than not. The inability to find a solution to this situation can get the startup to a standstill and if this situation lasts too long, it can burn enough cash to bring the firm to the brink of shutdown. On the other side, an established business might be able to overcome the situation by altering the existing conditions & thereby reducing crisis. In this article, I describe some similar situations that I have faced while working in my startup.


I am the founder of TechInventio, a three-year old startup firm which provides end-to-end product development solutions to global end-user businesses. We are headquartered at Bangalore with a branch sales office in Netherlands.

Since day-one, the biggest problem we faced is solving the sequence problem: should we first create a solutions offering with delivery capability for a particular technology and then start marketing it or should it be the other way round, or should we run it in parallel or should we market a concept and if there is enough interest shown by prospective customers turn the concept into reality? In my experience, the implementation of these strategies is filled with pitfalls. There are also judgment-calls which an entrepreneur needs to take: Which marketing strategy should be applied for the given scenario?


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