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SoftTech: Whittling AEC's Odds with Automation

si Team
Monday, July 20, 2015
si Team
The late Steve Jobs once told, "One company makes the software; the other makes the hardware. The innovation can't happen fast enough. It's a mess". If we replace software and hardware with design and construction, it could have been said for AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) as well. These three aspects of AEC industry are inter-dependent, but most often they are distributed or outsourced. As a result, it ends up in costing more money, delay in upshot and incompatibility. Most of the companies in AEC industry botched to address the issue, but Pune headquartered SoftTech Engineers came up with a software-based integrated solution to bridge these gaps. SoftTech offers highly configurable and flexible solutions and services which encompass entire project lifecycle from building plan approval to facility management. With 19 years of vast experience in the AEC domain, the company has strong innovative products and services that bring the latest IT technologies to the table.

In the midst of booming IT industry, former IIT Mumbai graduate Vijay Gupta founded SoftTech Engineers in 1996 in Pune with the vision of offering end-to-end IT solution to AEC industry. Starting with just a small team of six members on deck, SoftTech has now over 200 employees. The company is well recognized for AutoDCR, a Building Plan Scrutiny and Approval System which offers a thorough analysis of CAD for building plan approving authorities and saves 40-80 percent time, and is implemented in over 55 municipal corporations and ULBs in India. Widely acclaimed, this software is used by Pune Municipal Corporation, Bangalore City Corporation and many more across the country. It earned them prestigious national award for e-governance in 2014.

Enabling Today's Business with Tomorrow's Technology

SoftTech emerged with 'STRUDS' which was highly appreciated software and had over 4,000 satisfied customers across Asia. It was later acquired by a UK based MNC. Later OPTICON, a construction business software to get all construction activities in one dashboard, was introduced to digitize all functions involved in a construction. Besides OPTICON and AutoDCR, SoftTech offers Public Works Information Management System (a web based commercial off-the-shelf application for managing the core functional processes of works planning), Building Information Modelling services, Edu-Plus Suite for educational institutes and offers services through AutoCAD and other Autodesk software products. Vijay asserts, "Our clients receive not only our products, but also our services wrapped around those products, delivering an irresistible value proposition". SoftTech is aligned with IT giants like Microsoft, IBM, SAP and Autodesk to assimilate products with their generic systems. In the urban city mechanism where most of the companies are busy in services, SoftTech have created scholarly chattels for the clientele in India. Believing in imaginative liberty and distinction in high quality deliveries, the company possesses an excellent intellectually stimulated team to achieve time-bound deliveries and gargantuan objectives. This enthusiastic team is also capable of multi-tasking, erudition of new things everyday and professionally spirited among each other.

A Stout Convey in the Emergent Souk

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