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Silly Monks: Digital Entertainment, Publishing & Advertising Agency Set to Conquer the World

Poulomi Mukherjee
Sunday, November 23, 2014
Poulomi Mukherjee
All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy. But when it comes to Silly Monks, 'no play' is a term that does not exist in their dictionary. Part inspired by a character in Transformers - a movie that embodies evolution with innovation - and part by the fun-quotient of the team, the name and logo of the robust, dynamic and open cultured company was coined wherein 'Monks' is an abbreviation for monkey. Not only the name is intriguing, but so is the story that narrates the inception of this digital juggernaut as well. While working for the media industry for years in extension, three close friends - Sanjay Reddy, Sinu M.K. & Anil Pallala - came to realize that content was the lifeline of any industry and with the market switching over to digital media, an entire dimension of opportunities awaited there. Struck by this realization and united by a common vision, the three elemental pillars of Silly Monks joined heads to be get the company in September 2013 to put their brilliant plans concocted over the years, in motion. The company serves as a convoy for its client in the passage to the digital realm from the traditional one with its 360 degree services in every aspect of marketing.

As soon as a startup ventures the market, the truth hits like a bullet that the most daunting task is enabling the business to take off. Incubated by Angel Investor - Sai Korrapati, a national-award winning producer and owner of Vaaraahi Chalana Chitram. Sai knew that it was only a matter of time before social media was going to be all-pervasive and invested with the seed capital. Silly Monks makes the best out of what it hasby putting its heart into the business and creates outstanding content to surpass even the established competition in the industry. "We compete in terms of giving quality content and there has been a phenomenal growth over last 12 months of our existence," quotes Sanjay Reddy, Co-Founder & MD, Silly Monks. In the print/TV dominated industry of India, many a companies - startups and old players alike - are struggling with the appalling task of breaking the wall to reach clients and create a strong foothold in the industry. While others are still limping around the sidelines, Silly Monks has carved its name on stone in the sector by educating its clients about social media and digital marketing before engaging with them in business. The company's prowess combined with its management holding years of rich experience has led to win over numerous clients along with partnerships with bigwigs like Facebook, Google and YouTube in a very short span of time.

With footprint in publishing business and mobile app development; Silly Monks creates, acquires and deploys content across various platforms to act as a launching ground for many in-the-shadow talents. The startup has not confined itself within the publishing business but also offers websites development, creative service, social media marketing and celebrity management with multiple services such as internet publishing, content creating, mobile distribution and marketing & strategic consulting.Serving as a one-stop-shop, Silly Monks addresses all digital and creative needs like SMO, Digital asset management, digital advertising, ad production, art work, research & strategy, branding, and many more under one umbrella.

Just turned one on 20th September, 2014, Silly Monks maintains a keen eye on the quality of the team focusing on individual strengths and sore points to maintain quality standards.With the booming business, the company is expanding its roots to U.S. and UK while working closely with the Malayalam market. In addition to publishing and advertising, Silly Monks envisions becoming an extensive TV & movie production house. The company is also geared up to set foot in the merchandise market to convert its logo into merchandise and life accessories.


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