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June - 2016 - issue > Best Companies to Work for - Semiconductor

SilabTech: An Empowering Workplace that Nurtures the Elements of Creativity & Fun

si Team
Monday, June 20, 2016
si Team
SilabTech, one of the leading suppliers of high speed interface intellectual property designs, seized the industry's spotlight by successfully bringing out its first silicon just within seven months of its inception. The innovation reflected two high speed SerDes, low jitter PLLs & ADC,and power management IP in 28 nm technology. Well, it was just the beginning. Today, the company is highly acknowledged for its high-end high-speed IPs and low area & low power designs that are claimed to be 30 percent better than the average.

The secret ingredients for engineering such stunning triumphs stem from the finest blend of its design processes, a change-capable top notch workforce and teamwork along with the management personnel and the empowering work culture that's imbibed within the organization. "We are a technology company that pride ourselves with doing some of the best work in our field. This is only possible because of our top notch engineering talent whom we cherish and strive to provide a workplace where they can innovate, learn and feel proud of their work and achievements," says Sujoy Chakravarty, CEO, Silab Tech.

The Initial Hitches

For a start-up, especially a high-tech and skill-driven venture like SilabTech, head hunting can be a very daunting feat to achieve, unless its processes are proven to be unique, of best-quality and credible. Additionally, the cutting-edge technologies ask for experienced professionals. Nevertheless, SilabTech's network of contacts came in handy and molded the company to venture further towards the campus interviews.

Bound by guidelines of ethics, customer focus and determination, the venture was soon bitten by growth and it is presently a proud proprietor of a doubling revenue every year, marquee customers that cover some of the biggest semiconductor companies in the world, and a healthy mixture of 35+ young, experienced, but passionate SilabTech employees. The hiring strategies at SilabTech revolve around three-prong philosophy. In addition to the process that pivots the operations, the company also strives to acquire excellent people filling flesh to its belief - only good can attract good. Supplementing both, SilabTech employees are also paid competitively.

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