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SailPoint: Leading the Way with Numerous Innovations Integrated into Single System

Susila Govindaraj
Sunday, February 8, 2015
Susila Govindaraj
The landscape of business today has changed dramatically. Organizations have a globally dispersed workforce accessing a variety of on-premises and cloud-based applications from a myriad of devices. In order to ensure that an organizations mission-critical data is protected, IT Security managers need centralized, complete visibility into 'who has access to what', as well as what can be done with that access. This visibility – and the ability to implement automated IT controls and safeguards – is critical to meet today's compliance regulations and prevent insider theft or sabatoge. SailPoint, the global leader of identity & access management solutions, has enabled customers to solve countless identity governance, provisioning and access management across the entire IT infrastructure, much more effectively by innovating numerous quintessential capabilities that are integrated in single system. For instance, by implementing SailPoint Identity IQ, Aviva Life Insurance achieved centralized, automated access certifications and enterprise-wide access visibility and also launched a fully-operational solution across five countries and 8,000 users within six months.

Surging Ahead of Competition

The Texas headquartered company was founded in 2005 by Mark McClain, Kevin Cunningham and Jackie Gilbert, who also founded Waveset that got acquired by Sun Microsystems. With almost 400 global employees, SailPoint is one of the largest, independent IAM vendors. The company reported record profitability in 2014 and announced that a major private equity firm had purchased a controlling interest in the private company SailPoint's competency is manifest from the fact that several industry leaders including Adobe, ING DIRECT, Rockwell Automation and DBS BANK have placed their trust on SailPoint over other legends. The company also surged ahead of competition and earned over 20 awards and recognitions akin to Leader of Identity Governance and Administration by Gartner Magic Quadrant.

Deep & Broad Functionality

In addition to ensuring that proper IT controls are in place to meet security and compliance requirements, SailPoint's IAM solutions automate time intensive access certification, password management and provisioning processes; thus bringing financial justification through great time savings. "Apart from our product's breadth and depth in functionality, customers highly appreciate our immense focus on customer satisfaction. For this, the credit goes to our team in India for their responsive service," says Mark McClain, Founder & CEO, SailPoint.

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