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CSQGLOBAL: Offering Unparalleled Intelligent Solutions

Kanak Prabha
Monday, February 9, 2015
Kanak Prabha
The eLearning market is growing constantly taking under its shadow corporate and higher education industry at large, but ignoring the bigger and untapped market of child education. Children in the age group of 5 to 11 undergo the most crucial skill development that structures their future are left unattended by technology. Witnessing such huge crater in the space, CSQ GLOBAL decided to fill this up with their latest cloud based eLearning product called momisguru.com which provides a unique 360� eLearning experience for children. After a deep pocket study of their development needs, a course was created with a group of educational experts and the contents are designed in accordance with the syllabus of CBSE, ICSE and State boards including Samacheer Kalvi. momisguru.com has done extensive research on psychological aspects of children and has created visually appealing animation that glues the eyes of the kids. It has an unique way of involving parents and enable them to explain the concept in their own way.

Adiyapatham, Chairman, CSQGLOBAL Solutions says, "Being one of our key ventures, momisguru.com is in the alpha stage and will get into beta phase by February". Unlike other eLearning solution providers whose focus remains on IT solutions, this 2013 born company invests its interest with the Learners and Instructors and provides solutions like Learning Management Solutions, Content Design Solutions, Instructor Led Trainings, like Ready to use Education Contents, School Management, Solutions Content Management for Business, Institutions and Content Design.

Filling flesh to its each letter, CSQGLOBAL stands for Customer, Speed & Quality. With these core values are ingrained deep in their DNA, the company also provides unparalleled customizable services in other major areas like Digitalization, Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC), online solutions and e-Commerce. Inclined towards cloud, they provide array of services like Infrastructure, Application Servers, SaaS Model for licensed software, SOA based Business Services and 3rd party services amongst others. While several companies cracks their brain to decide if to use or not to use cloud due to the security concern; CSQ GLOBAL combines three important aspects of security akin to application security, data security and physical security together to offer the best security solutions to their customers.

The company also stands tall in providing solutions like Business Performance Excellence � a cloud enabled solution that takes a unified approach in optimizing businesses and increasing sales and predictability. They have created a Decision making platform called Intelligent, which enables executives to make decisions based on trend and data. They also have a cloud enabled Testing solution, which uses the concepts of Robotics in testing and enables business teams to create and execute automated tests. Their performance testing solutions are intuitive for customer facing applications and have a cloud enabled lab. CSQ GLOBAL as an organization boasts about spending equal or even more in terms of R&D along with services. They hope to create a unique space for themselves within the hearts of the customers.

The company's open and flexible culture doesn't bind their people in 9-5 working hours. To keep their team updated with the latest technologies in the market, they have an organized series of external and internal trainings. They also have tie-ups with organizations that work on the latest technologies and trainings to improve their employee's technical and behavioral skills. With a plan to create a sophisticated catalogue, CSQ GLOBAL aim to be the leading company in terms of digital transformation and SMAC enablement.

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