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SNG India: Delivering Smart Intra-Hospital Automation Solutions

si Team
Tuesday, February 21, 2017
si Team
People visit hospital to get cured, but it's a paradox that millions of them get sick with a hospital-acquired infection, accounting to a prolonged index of causes ranging from lack of individual hygiene to mediocre mediums used for the in-house logistics of medical equipment, materials & test samples, in addition to the flaws in the waste management system. Despite individual precautions, designing an automated in-house logistics system can significantly mitigate this infection spread. Second to none in delivering smart intra-hospital healthcare logistics automation & hospital pharmacy automation solutions in India, Sun Narula Group (SNG) India has been healing aforementioned hassles whilst saving lots of time & expenses for hospitals through these bespoke solutions. Bringing along with it a legacy of more than six decades, the company is a pioneer in India & South Asia with an abiding clientele, historically over 2000 hospitals and more recently spanning over 350 healthcare providers, making it one of the most referred organizations in the Indian healthcare industry.

The Legacy

Under the aegis of Co-Founder & Chairman, P.K Narula, SNG was founded in 1953 to supply basic medical equipments. Coordinating with a deft in-house team, the Narula siblings - Puneet (Director - Projects & Technical Head) and Pankaj (Director - Marketing & Business Development) - have taken forward the family legacy to proffer high tech Healthcare Automation, right from designing, pre-installations, installations & execution to commissioning & execution. "We are the only healthcare organization in India that offers healthcare automation within the hospital premises," proclaims Pankaj. Outreaching hospitals in most renown brand names - Meditek & Srishty Medical, today, SNG (ISO 9001; CE) is competently placed to deliver efficient turnkey solutions including Intra-Hospital Logistics Automation (comprising automatic waste & laundry logistics), Hospital IP & OP Pharmacy Automation, ICUs, ERs, OTs Integration, Patient & Room Care solutions, Furnishing and many more.

Smart Solutions

"We are not a product-oriented company, but solutions providers, that's our niche," adds Puneet. Instead of inventing the wheel all over again, SNG picks up international solutions & innovations (such as Pneumatic Tube Systems (PTS), Pharmacy Automation Systems and Automated Vertical Storage & Retrieval Systems) from technologically strapping organizations across the world and adapts them to Indian scenario. And over the years, this delivery model helped the company to remain synonymous with quality, perseverance and heritage. "We have been the last word in one of our verticals connected with the intra-hospital logistics called PTS," he adds. Being in the 'Indian customer' boot of Swisslog - world's leading PTS (used for automatic transfer of materials from one point to another through pipes within the hospital) infrastructure provider, SNG exclusively brings in the world class PTS to Indian private & government hospitals that shied off from standardizing intra-logistics for decades, and SNG holds around 75 percent of this market.

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