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SMBs structuring their Overall HR Management Process with a Robust Technology

Girish Rowjee, Co-Founder & CEO, Greytip Software
Wednesday, August 17, 2016
Girish Rowjee, Co-Founder & CEO, Greytip Software
Headquartered in Bengaluru, Greytip Software is India's leading HR & Payroll management software company specializing in HR and Payroll Software, Online Payroll, Leave & Claims application, Employee Self-service, attendance and leave tracking.

Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs), designated by an upper limit of 250 employees, have their unique characterization when it comes to HR and HR-related policies and practices. Often underpinning their smaller size and nimbleness are an organizational orientation to grow rapidly, despite capital and resource constraints. Human capital is at the front and center of their differentiation strategy to come up with disruptive innovation that sets them apart from large enterprises, enhances their competitiveness and helps them achieve economies of scale and scope, without sacrificing their agility.

SMBs are often characterized by centralized decision-making by people at the helm, fewer organizational boundaries or silos and a relatively seamless communication flow. Due to their growth stage, any human resource(s) not directly linked to revenue-generation are often considered wasteful. Organizational development decisions are implemented on-the-fly, without the need for well-defined systems and processes. Since everyone's performance is often transparent and appraised through the year, typical performance appraisal and management systems are either not in place or considered redundant. While hiring the best employees, training them well and retaining them is indeed considered an organizational imperative, the balance often shifts from strategic HR management to tactical HR management to drive the day-to-day operations of the company. You'd typically see a 'HR generalist' instead of an 'HR specialist' in such organizations and even that person is likely to be a multiple-hatter juggling many balls.

The Role of Technology in Meeting SMBs HR Needs

Technology can play a pivotal role in supporting the aforesaid tactical HR management needs of SMBs. A typical tactical HR technology platform will encapsulate SMBs' needs to process payroll timely and accurately, include core HR capabilities for employee lifecycle management, support leave and attendance management tuned to the practices followed in the firm and factor in additional capabilities for reimbursements and claims processing for business sustenance. Any additional analytics capabilities to glean actionable insights that propel the business forward are an icing on the cake.

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