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Red Rock: Delivering Uncompromised, On-time Quality & Performance

Susila Govindaraj
Wednesday, October 12, 2016
Susila Govindaraj
The service sector contributes about 64 percent towards India's GDP of $2.29 trillion and to support this sector towards fulfiment of their professional manpower needs, the HR industry has emerged as a knight that has its fingers on the pulse of the company. The HR industry with their backbone of strong talent pools & penetration into the job market, the recruitment sector accounts for nearly 70 percent of this revenues, other segments akin to HR consulting & training services are not taken seriously by most Indian organizations, with the exception of MNCs. From HR service organization's perspective, experts worldwide predict that innovation - be it in terms of strategies, methodologies or technologies - is the key to unlock the tremendous opportunities the HR industry holds in its chest.

Unfortunately, most HR firms reckon that their job description merely involves sharing the resumes they've downloaded from online portals and hence hang their hats with that fleeting 'victory'. Standing in sharp contrast against such organizations with higher aspirations is Red Rock, that is a specialized HR firm into Lateral & Leadership Hiring who never hesitated to travel the extra miles to fulfil its client's wish by employing innovative methodologies, strategies and thinking quick on its feet. This New Delhi based firm entered the industry in 2012 with a vision to deliver on-time signature quality and performance for whatever it does. Red Rock being a SME gives tough compition to big players & giants who have been predominant in the market for much longer and is expanding is penetrating into the market rapidly.

Saving Client's Time & Effort

Offering a blend of very high ethical & professional standards, excellent head hunters, huge database of top industry professionals, state-of-the-art infrastructure & facilities and in-depth industry & domain knowledge elevates this New Delhi headquartered company catering to clients PAN India in the upper echelons of the spectrum. The veterans and seasoned professionals at Red Rock pre-screen the candidates thoroughly with a fine-tooth comb by generating a questionnaire based on the criteria given by the clients. This set of short-listed candidates are subjected to another round of psychometric analysis to ensure whether their vision syncs with the client's vision or they are just fishing for a better appraisal from their current organization. Obsessed with saving the time & efforts of its clients, Red Rock's account manager stays in touch with the candidates even after the entire recruitment cycle is over; thereby ascertaining that the position gets closed on time - whether by convincing the finalized candidate or by surfing for their replacement proactively.

This meticulous process and the full summary sent by the firm regarding the candidates, not only gets the position closed within that bunch of CVs sent by Red Rock, but also raises the candidates' awareness about the clients and their role at client's organization. "At times, the candidates are unable to see for themselves a good career path lying in front of them. We sell the client's company and its achievement to the candidates, which encourages them to give their cent-percent performance," proclaims Ranjit Singh Bhutani, MD & CEO, Red Rock. As icing on the cake, the company also renders a meet & greet service that breaks the ice between the client and the candidate selected for a leadership role.

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