Red Rock: Delivering Uncompromised, On-time Quality & Performance

Date:   Wednesday , October 12, 2016

The service sector contributes about 64 percent towards India\'s GDP of $2.29 trillion and to support this sector towards fulfiment of their professional manpower needs, the HR industry has emerged as a knight that has its fingers on the pulse of the company. The HR industry with their backbone of strong talent pools & penetration into the job market, the recruitment sector accounts for nearly 70 percent of this revenues, other segments akin to HR consulting & training services are not taken seriously by most Indian organizations, with the exception of MNCs. From HR service organization\'s perspective, experts worldwide predict that innovation - be it in terms of strategies, methodologies or technologies - is the key to unlock the tremendous opportunities the HR industry holds in its chest.

Unfortunately, most HR firms reckon that their job description merely involves sharing the resumes they\'ve downloaded from online portals and hence hang their hats with that fleeting \'victory\'. Standing in sharp contrast against such organizations with higher aspirations is Red Rock, that is a specialized HR firm into Lateral & Leadership Hiring who never hesitated to travel the extra miles to fulfil its client\'s wish by employing innovative methodologies, strategies and thinking quick on its feet. This New Delhi based firm entered the industry in 2012 with a vision to deliver on-time signature quality and performance for whatever it does. Red Rock being a SME gives tough compition to big players & giants who have been predominant in the market for much longer and is expanding is penetrating into the market rapidly.

Saving Client\'s Time & Effort

Offering a blend of very high ethical & professional standards, excellent head hunters, huge database of top industry professionals, state-of-the-art infrastructure & facilities and in-depth industry & domain knowledge elevates this New Delhi headquartered company catering to clients PAN India in the upper echelons of the spectrum. The veterans and seasoned professionals at Red Rock pre-screen the candidates thoroughly with a fine-tooth comb by generating a questionnaire based on the criteria given by the clients. This set of short-listed candidates are subjected to another round of psychometric analysis to ensure whether their vision syncs with the client\'s vision or they are just fishing for a better appraisal from their current organization. Obsessed with saving the time & efforts of its clients, Red Rock\'s account manager stays in touch with the candidates even after the entire recruitment cycle is over; thereby ascertaining that the position gets closed on time - whether by convincing the finalized candidate or by surfing for their replacement proactively.

This meticulous process and the full summary sent by the firm regarding the candidates, not only gets the position closed within that bunch of CVs sent by Red Rock, but also raises the candidates\' awareness about the clients and their role at client\'s organization. \"At times, the candidates are unable to see for themselves a good career path lying in front of them. We sell the client\'s company and its achievement to the candidates, which encourages them to give their cent-percent performance,\" proclaims Ranjit Singh Bhutani, MD & CEO, Red Rock. As icing on the cake, the company also renders a meet & greet service that breaks the ice between the client and the candidate selected for a leadership role.

In-Depth Psychometric Analysis

Red Rock\'s psychometric analysis dives deep into various facets such as the candidate\'s expectations, priorities, vision, reason for job change, willingness to relocate and so on. This not only avoids offer-hopper situations and mismatched expectations, but also ensures their fitment into the client\'s culture. \"Recruitment is not just about matching skillsets and qualifications. It is a kind of marriage that needs to be properly arranged,\" opines Ranjit. In a nutshell, Red Rock acts as its clients\' in-house HR department, but devoid of hassles such as spending time & money and relinquishing control.

Just like the firm did for a U.S.-based NYSE listed Mortgage Services Company that was striving to fill the position of Senior Manger - Finance, a level just behind Director, for more than a year. When their in-house HRs threw in the towel, the opportunity fell into the hands of Red Rock. After giving its best shot for a couple of months, Red Rock realized that such talents come with unreasonable expectations, and hence advised the head office to be flexible on academic front without compromising on skill sets. Though initially the client half-heartedly agreed to interview the three CVs sent by Red Rock, the end result elated them as they found one of the candidates to be a highly competitive one who fitted well within their budget.

Breeding High-End Talents

Vis-a-vis western countries, there\'s a dearth of professional HR talent in our country. Most people lack the basic knowledge of HR domain, professionalism and understanding of how a corporate works. This is mostly due to our education system, which fails to impart the pragmatic knowledge that can be actually utilized for their professional career. \"I wouldn\'t be surprised if an MBA graduate can\'t tell me the names of top five Indian IT Product Companies, during the interview,\" says Ranjit. To counterbalance this calamity, Red Rock\'s line managers thoroughly educate every new joinee with a meticulous training procedure without compromising on the quality of the new hire. 92 percent of the fresh graduates every year are unemployable due to which our efforts of interviews increases tremendously and we have to keep our hiring open throughout the year in search for the right talent that we seek for our own team. In fact, people who were trained at Red Rock got hired by bigger companies, which stands as a testament to the abundant value the company adds to their career.

Spreading Like a Wild Fire

There are around 8000 home grown HR Consulting companies that have suddenly mushroomed out of nowhere, and are not serious about their jobs. Amidst them, showcasing its professionalism to bring new business on board was a Herculean task for Ranjit, when he incepted Red Rock in 2012. The garage-like setup the company was operating out of wasn\'t enchanting to the eyes of good talents either. These hardships only strengthened his resolve and propelled Ranjit to knock on more doors unfalteringly to explain Red Rock\'s unique SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). Once he seized the chance to prove the company\'s quality consciousness, Red Rock bent the arc of history towards itself, as its fame spread like a wildfire. In fact, it takes pride in the fact that it obtains 95 percent of its customers through referrals. Today, situated at one of the prime commercial towers in Central Delhi, the company has emerged into a renowned name that\'s synonymous with perfectionism, which has landed it in the radar of several huge clients. And the number of clients Red Rock has acquired in this miniscule of time is not trivial and deserves more than a passing thought.

The company keeps its people on their toes by inculcating a performance-centric culture, where every employee take ownership of his/her own work and gets evaluated on a daily basis via various metrics such as quality of the CVs, number of positions they\'ve worked on, number of CVs they\'ve closed and so on. To keep the stress level low in this demanding job, Red Rock often reinvigorates its people with several team building activities, team outings and birthday celebrations.

The Denouement Unfolds

Red Rock anticipates expanding its team strength and also jockeying to bring aboard 5-7 giant enterprises in Analytics, Consulting, Market Research & Financial Services space as its clients by the end of this year. Owing to its competency in delivering services which are better and cost effective than the leaders in the segment, Red Rock has already acquired most of their clients. For further expansion, Red Rock raised funds from a PE investor from Goldman Sachs (London) this January, which is sufficient to accommodate its growth plans in the domestic market for the next couple of years. Having grown into a force to be reckoned with in the Indian market, it intends to raise another round of funding to foray into international markets as well.

Key Management:

Ranjit Singh Bhutani, MD & CEO
Spearheading Red Rock towards success, Ranjit actively participates in client acquisition & deliveries, and engages with clients on consultative approach to provide talent acquisition solutions, while ensuring an aggressive month-on-month growth.

Offices: New Delhi (Headquarter) and Greater London


• Lateral & Leadership Hiring Services: Red Rock offers first-rate recruitment services to its clients and candidates based on mutual trust and the highest professional standards driven by quality and cost consciousness. Its recruitment consultant training ensures that all of its executive candidates have been sourced in strict confidence and are the best available. The company also renders consultation services to its clients that would help them to close any position, as Red Rock never lets its fingers slipped from the pulse of candidates\' psychology as well.
• Contractual & Temp Hiring: Many a times, organizations might face unexpected staff shortage, hiring freeze, seasonal peaks and get involved in special projects that can\'t wait for the corporate office\'s approval. For them, Red Rock filters qualified temporary & contract employees as per the client\'s selection process and deploys them at client\'s end, while it manages their payroll including statutory requirements like PF, Taxes and others.
• Under Your Roof (UYR) Plug-in HR Services: Losing a critical employee at an essential time tend to hamper the whole machinery of an organization. Red Rock\'s UYR Plug-in service acts as a missing block of puzzle that can be fitted there within short time, without the mandate from head office. Leveraging its best HR professionals and understanding of operational HR challenges, the company takes the machinery ahead either by providing suitable well-trained professionals from its end or fills the gap by finding an appropriate resource at client\'s end.
• UYR Built-in HR Services: Growing companies, especially startups,don\'t have the time to build a dedicated HR team, as they are busy focusing on their core areas. Red Rock deploys an entire team right from recruiters and associates to team leaders to take care of the client\'s entire recruiting & HR department in terms of talent acquisition as well as talent management. The company feeds this team with strategies and resources required to fulfil the assignments at the planned schedule to ensure that the functions at client\'s end works smoothly.

Clients: EXL Services (Gurgaon, Noida, Bengaluru, Mumbai & Pune among others), AltiSource Business Solutions (Mumbai, Bangalore), OCWEN Financial Corporation, XCEEDANCE (Gurgaon, Noida, Bangalore), Nepa India Market Research, Nuevora Analytics (Hyderabad), Zinnov Management Consulting (Bangalore, Gurgaon), Pine Labs and Latentview Analytics (Chennai) to name a few

Verticals: Analytics, Market Research, BFSI (Financial Services), IT/ITeS, Hospitality, Consulting, Luxury Retail & KPO\'s

Case Study:

Red Rock was approached by a giant automobile dealership firm that was all set to unwrap its new showroom in Gurgaon for Audi & Porsche, to fill four Executice Leadership positions. The company rapidly sourced proficient candidates from leading companies, according to client\'s requirements, which led the dealer to finalize all four prospects within just a couple of weeks. Then came the storm! The finalists were reluctant to accept the offer, as they perceived dealerships as small business entities that might not sustain for a long period of time. Though Red Rock was not at the liberty to disclose the client\'s annual revenue (which was over Rs.1,500 crore), it briefed their business model including the fact that they own around 800 dealerships globally. Nonetheless, they were still on the fence.

One fine day after a brief discussuion & according to Red Rock\'s idea, four Audi cars were dispatched to pick the candidates at their homes. They were escorted to a luxury hotel to meet the dealership\'s founder and the key board members over breakfast, after which they were given a tour of the dealerships that came under the umbrella (the interviews happened at corporate office) and shown the whole operation. As viewing the business from the founders\' point of view convinced them completely, all the four excited candidates joined the entity in the next 30-40 days.