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Recruiting Trends changing landscapes Challenges and Opportunities...A perspective

Pad N Swami
Monday, August 1, 2011
Pad N Swami
These are changing times. The job market is opening up. Globally there is requirement boom across sectors and industries.

We are witnessing an increasing amount of pressure to attract and retain the top talent across industry sectors. More and more companies are starting to realize that the workload and work conditions over the past few years have created an environment where many of their top talent are now, or will be, looking for new positions. The recession has provided companies the ability to upgrade talent by acquiring a company just to obtain the technical talent employed there.There are changes in recruiting processes everywhere and there is a significant Transformation in the Recruiting Process, strategy and implementation.

Another change we are seeing is growth in numbers of external recruiters . It may have been easier during the recession to be an employee, but being an external recruiter offers many more benefits for top producers and greater potential for earnings. The shift is already starting to happen, where many of our corporate recruiters are now establishing recruiting shops with their niche expertise and advantage.

There is also other transformation that is taking place in the market. This is in every field including sales, Technology management, and Clients perspective. All this are due to market changes that have impacted everyone. The influencers are:

* Solutions are Global not just Local anymore

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