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Recruiting 2011 and Beyond; Call for a change in Vision!

Pad N Swami
Wednesday, March 2, 2011
Pad N Swami
These are difficult and turbulent times. Market is opening up and growing rapidly globaly and locally everywhere. Market demand is there for good resources but recruiting and sourcing has taken a different dimension. Fees charged by contingency agencies are big and without any guarantees of success. In house recruiters need to be deployed to perm hiring , but all are not trained to source efficiently and effectively. And as the U.S. and global market rebounds from recession, many things are changed in this world.

The staffing market in U.S. is over $15 billion and growing day by day. With the need for innovative and quality solutions the demand for exceptionally talented hard to find passive candidates is ever increasing. The solutions have to be global and thinking local and cross technology, cross border , and needs speed and virtual presence to cater to different time zones.

Passive candidates have grown to become a talent that is high in demand. As many of today’s companies have modified their recruiting strategies to include a passive candidate initiative, we discover that many recruiters lack the skills necessary to successfully recruit this elusive group of candidates.

All this calls for a change in thinking and approach.

So what is the future of the recruiting going beyond? How can Corporates get their resources and have a scalable recruiting and sourcing workforce that is ever alert and knowing every situation, domain and yet available 24/7. Is the concept of in-house recruiters is the answer or is there a better way? Is there away to get the resources yet have a balanced life both form the recruiter’s perspective and alsothe employer perspective?

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