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SI Team
Tuesday, May 3, 2016
SI Team
Today, the legal service marketplace is undergoing a major transformation, maturing significantly within a very short time. However, with the rapid expansion comes unique challenges. For instance, the wide range of services that some LPOs (Legal Process Outsourcing) provide is often at a more limited depth. On the other hand, other LPOs have adopted a "lowest unit price" strategy focused primarily on the attributes of wage arbitrage. Additionally, the ever-widening world of offshore locations and low cost nearshore options continues to challenge organizations that differentiate solely on price.

In such a scenario, "Companies are seeking managed legal services outsourcers that have moved well beyond commodity and wage arbitrage, with proven process expertise, real intellectual capital," begins Ram Vasudevan, CEO, QuisLex. This is where QuisLex comes. Headquartered in New York, NY, QuisLex-a managed legal services provider-specializes in executing complex document review, contract management, and compliance projects for leading corporations and law firms throughout the world.

The Backstory
Founded in 2004, QuisLex was formed with the idea that complex and intricate legal process should be delivered more efficiently through scalable, repeatable, well-managed services of legal work. Over the years, QuisLex has evolved into a pioneer and industry leader in the offshore legal services industry with more than 1,000 attorneys, process experts, statisticians and linguists. "We are dedicated to our founding principles, laser focused on serving clients along with unrelenting commitment to quality, which has allowed QuisLex to evolve in size, scope, sophistication and level of service," says Vasudevan. "We have cultivated an environment or culture of cooperation and team spirit, where everyone works towards a common goal-to do the best for our clients."

QuisLex services are based on the ideology, "assess options and optimize value." The company leverages multifaceted technology trends that provide insight into processes, budgets, and outcomes. "We improve our client's insight into multiple aspects of their legal work by utilizing technologies that support meaningful analytics in legal spend management, contract management, compliance, and litigation, investigation," adds Vasudevan.

Predictive Coding and Automated Review

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