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Ashwani Choudhary
VP-Global Systems, IT Solutions, GM Financial
Tuesday, May 3, 2016
Ashwani Choudhary
Technology is perpetually evolving, and as new trends hit the market, the change can be rapid and sometimes disruptive. Demanding customer expectations with top-of-the line features, high-quality user experiences and great performance, along with factors such as fierce competition, constantly changing business and social landscapes are leading to continuous delivery of new technologies. Everywhere you look, technology has become a critical change agent touching every aspect of our lives.

Over the past decade, we have seen astonishing advances in the technological sector. However, not every emerging technology can be qualified as a disruptive innovation with the potential of having significant impact on business or end users. Disruptive technologies create significant impact on the global economy, change people's behavior and can actually transform how companies communicate, connect, and do business with consumers.

Advanced Technology in the Present Day

Some prominent examples of these advanced technologies are social media, mobile, cloud and collaboration technologies. These platforms have become key forces behind the success and evolution of digital technologies. Today more than ever, we achieve connectivity through multiple technologies in unimaginable ways. Through these advanced channels, businesses reach global audiences easier, faster and more effectively.

A world of global networks of businesses, consumers, partners, products and services, is leading to rapid evolution in device mesh and IoT world. Companies are heavily investing in new IoT technologies to reinvent business, create new products and services, and deliver an agile, dynamic user experience.

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