QuisLex: Offering Strategically Salient Legal Support Services for Corporate & Litigation Work

Anamika Sahu
Wednesday, December 21, 2016
Anamika Sahu
Outsourcing non-core business functions has been the norm for organizations for decades and has gone from basic cost reduction mandates to providing improved processes and real value-add. Now, companies have started outsourcing their legal work too. And like BPO, while the original driver may have been cost savings, legal process outsourcing (LPO) has gained broad acceptance and earned its staying power through the innovations they bring and the value creation inherent in their process-driven approach to legal services.

While BPO and LPO are similar in that they manage processes on behalf of their clients, LPO comprising legal research, legal analysis, drafting contracts, patent applications, or managing compliance programs for example, is less commoditized than many BPO services and highly integrated into the strategic initiatives of corporate legal departments and law firms. Furthermore, this work needs to be done by the supervising, licensed attorneys along with many other highly trained specialists and subject matter experts. But hiring these professionals requires you to burn more oil, especially in the U.S. and Europe, where there is a strong focus on controlling legal costs without giving up quality. The need to control cost along with the requirement for large pools of highly skilled professionals, is driving significant growth in this high-end industry in countries that are more pocket friendly, for which India is uniquely suited. There have always been reservations about non-U.S. legal professionals performing complex and strategically relevant legal work, but QuisLex put paid to this concern through the client-success stories it has been creating since inception.

While new competition is emerging in the form of captives and other affiliations in jurisdictions that allow law firms to operate in such a manner (to establish their own LPO-style divisions and attempt to compete directly on the basis of reduced cost) India is by far and away the leader in terms of scale and experience. Leveraging India's enormous pool of highly talented well-trained legal professionals as well as deep expertise in the requisite outsourcing and process disciplines that are crucial to success, QuisLex has grown from three to more than 1200 employees and currently has footprint on three continents. QuisLex CEO, Ram Vasudevan believes that it owes its tremendous growth to are lentless commitment to quality, an employee-driven culture of innovation, and industry-leading processes and best use of technology: "Our willingness to be out in front of the market and make future-oriented investments (not simply respond to current demands and trends) sets us apart, said Ram.

Positioned at the premium end of the LPO and alternative provider market, QuisLex is one of the only three companies to be ranked as a Band One LPO by Chambers and Partners in every year that Chambers has ranked LPOs: 2016 marks its sixth consecutive year. Unlike other LPOs who mostly perform routine legal work, QuisLex is routinely called upon to perform highly complex and strategically relevant services for both corporate and litigation matters that require a capability maturity that sets it apart from its competitors.

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