Open For Innovation: Orchestrating the Meeting of Technological Minds

Anup Sahoo, Founder, Ideapoke
Wednesday, December 21, 2016
Anup Sahoo, Founder, Ideapoke
Headquartered in California, Ideapoke is an open crowd sourcing platform that enables the businesses to solve their business problems by posting real world business challenges to seek innovative solutions quickly & cost effectively from a global talent pool.

With a year of changes storming the world, embracing change has become the new norm for maintaining market advantage, be it services or the innovative product industry. Change has caught momentum from variant directions. This demands innovation through R&D and more importantly, needs a solid intellectual property strategy to strengthen competitive advantages. Be it advanced manufacturing of products or prototyping, the next big product requires breaking of traditional silos and embrace collaborative business ecosystems to connect, understand, improvise and create potential outcomes we can just imagine. Open Innovation assumes a partnership and the 'big-picture' approach.

Disruptive innovations have been proven to be more challenging than that of a sustained innovation approach. Revolutionary mindset rather than evolutionary approach is the current desire of enterprises as creation of a new market and value network helps disrupt a market and meet a new generation of consumers. Not only that, it displaces market leaders, even if it's a fraction.

Open Innovation Strategy: Plain Simple Truth

NASA's decision to make its patent portfolio available publicly has already invited heated discussions. Making it available cost free and to all inventors and entrepreneurs has implicated results far beyond investor relationships and would change the world as we know it, both businesses and citizens of the world alike.

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