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Prudent Digital: One Magical Solution for Comprehensive Hospital Needs

si Team
Tuesday, February 21, 2017
si Team
Hospitals that still work on paper based medical records are denying the society a huge opportunity of using data to achieve better cure, smarter methods and cheaper healthcare. But even with automation paradigms within the hospital, lack of an integrated system solution results in diagnostic errors, failures to recognize deteriorating patients and communication failures. Indore based Prudent Digital Pvt. Ltd. (erstwhile Aarogya Infotech & Management Systems) cures the aforementioned hassles by catering to every software requirement of any hospital by encrusting their administrative, financial, clinical and resource management departments on a single software platform. "At present apart from us, there is hardly any IT Solution available in the market where you will have all these solutions under one roof," proclaims Rakesh Kumar Singh, Director, Prudent Digital.

Within this platform which taps into HMS, Document Management System, MM, HRM, FA, CRM, Analytics, Mobile Apps for doctors & patients, Bed Side computing, EMR for OPD & IPD among all other facilitations relevant in automation, the company also incorporates trending add-on facilitations ranging from Picture Archival & Communication System (PACS) to Video Imaging Software, BI software and many more. Combined with available and emerging web technologies, Prudent's PACS has the ability to break down physical & time barriers and share images, interpretations, and related data within shut-eye time, thus ensuring faster healthcare delivery.

Integrating A-Z

To bring everything under one roof, the company has done away with the limitations and hassles of integration among several software systems from multiple vendors, and when this comprehensive nature augments to commitment and flexibility to provide extreme customization in the software, it becomes a magnetic combination for healthcare providers to benefit from. "We do not shy away from hard work to ensure that our system maps the process flow exactly as desired by hospital management," elucidates Rakesh. Unlike many other healthcare IT firms that are into the aggregation services of healthcare providers or cloud based analytics, Prudent works at the ground level to bring affordable digital transformation to maximum healthcare providers by pushing significant resources into platform training of medical staffs, and in turn incorporating their feedbacks.

The One-Stop-Shop

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