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Present Disruptive Ideas Are Short-lived

Michael Biswas
Thursday, December 11, 2014
Michael Biswas
The current industry calls for solutions that are mature, easy-to-use, feature-rich, as well as easy to debug and test. Further, the solution should be paving way for platform fragmentation. To explain, if one considers the days of Microsoft dominance, wherein software development used to be less expensive. It was possible to employ different teams with the same fundamental skills, working on diverse aspects of the same system. Presently, the process of going from a conceptual outline to a finished product through varied platforms and hundreds of hardware involves many organizational silos and significant inefficiency. Attempts by vendors to overcome this situation have failed to be comprehensive, especially when it comes to testing and debugging. As a result, the urgent need for such a solution becomes evident.
Apart from these painpoints, the industry is playing host to an onset of trends. For instance, it is interesting to observe how virtualization is influencing the process of Software Development apart from IT infrastructure. In most areas, we have successfully separated the concept of server and physical machines. This trend has been revolutionary for data center architecture. Moreover, thriving on this trend, the cloud has turned more powerful.
Expectation to see a similar revolution in platform fragmentation as well. Instead of thinking in terms of iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and others, development organizations should focus on creating single client-side VM software. The industry has many great candidates for this technology. To select a winner, standardize, and move on is needed.

Dealing with Contemporary Challenges
As the pace of technological advancement continues to accelerate, the lifespan of a disruptive idea that would have made any given business successful is shortening. In short, staying at the top of an industry involves many aspects other than successfully executing a project. Entrepreneurs must gauge the possibility for their failure as the technologies with the potential to make existing business models obsolete emerge constantly. In addition, business leaders should incorporate this thought into their work.
Coming to innovative solutions, they would have an equally shorter lifespan. Therefore, it is always a tough task for business leaders to decide on the perfect time to introduce a disruptive idea into the market.
Many entrepreneurs complain about finding the right engineering talent. The challenge is to locate candidates who are critical thinkers. The contemporary education models focus on prioritizing skills attainment over self-awareness.
The dominance of many of the "Information Age" problems is increasing. In this scenario, it is imperative to ensure that the trends do not go unnoticed as we remain more or less inwardly focused. At times, we spend considerable amount of time in learning other activities, and are often unable to leverage the latest technological trends. One has to find a way out of the situation as we seek more opportunities.

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