JMA IT: Optimizing your Network and Infrastructure

SI Team
Thursday, December 11, 2014
SI Team
Network optimization and security in an ever changing dynamic environment has been a constant challenge for telecom service providers and large corporate enterprises especially in the Cloud domain. These processes are costly, enigmatic, and demand high caliber expertise. Today, success in a network vertical demands leading a step ahead with latest technology options, leveraging partner resources, and a team of highly talented workforce with visionary leaders.
One such pre-eminent firm, which is regarded as one of the fastest growing global solution provider in US that leverages in-house engineering resources aligned with its cutting-edge technology partners is Overland Park, KS based JMA Information Technology Inc. This company was founded in 1994 and, since its establishment, has made a strong presence in several niche areas of telecom, financial, education and healthcare industry.

Over the years, JMA has survived, rather, thrived in every dire circumstance that has come and brought numerous companies down to their knees. The main reason behind this is that JMA is primarily focused on companies similar to itself, that is, which are young and in a growth mode despite the recession because these enterprises embrace the potential for needing to expand tech infrastructure.

Relying on public sector has also proven to be advantageous for JMA but the crown jewel of JMA's success is brought by its new sophisticated technology production lab, designed for the company's engineers for testing solutions and products in a stable environment. JMA also sports a 10,000 Sq. Ft technology staging facility that supports service provider and enterprise clients.

The company believes deeply in the talents of its employees. JMA engineers hold advanced degrees and multiple certifications across a wide range of vendors and industry standards such as: Juniper, VMware, ShoreTel, Microsoft, Palo Alto, Riverbed and ITIL. The company is proud of its workforce that has allowed JMA to witness achievements of great degree. "Many of our engineers bring with them a decade-plus of experience across complex, multi-vendor environments," says Joseph Melookaran, President and CEO of JMA. "Our engineers' level of experience enables a consultative approach to our clients and assures that our recommendations are the best solutions for the client's environment and needs."

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