Preparing For The Remaining 93 Percent Of Office 365 Adoption

Kamal Shah
SVP of Products-Skyhigh Networks
Thursday, October 13, 2016
Kamal Shah
Any company migrating data to the cloud has to contend with the shared responsibility model. 64.9 percent of IT professionals consider cloud applications to have equal or better security than on-premises software. All of this is useless, however, unless the cloud customer holds up their end of data security.

Microsoft, as the tried and true solution for enterprise software, is leading many enterprises' march to the cloud. 87.3 percent of organizations have at least 100 employees using Office 365, but 93.2 percent of employees still use Microsoft on-premises solutions.

Gartner has predicted that through 2020, 95 percent of security incidents involving cloud will come from customers' vulnerabilities. Between a lack of expertise and the complexity of an enterprise-wide environment, there are all too many stumbling blocks to deploying effective security measures.

After observing companies across all major verticals, we have developed a checklist for Office 365 security based on their successes and failures. Any company considering, starting, or wrapping up an Office 365 deployment needs to account for these seven factors.

1.Don't Leave the Keys Under the Doormat

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