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Pink Lemonade: Umpteen Fresh Marketing Solutions under a Single Umbrella

si Team
Sunday, August 28, 2016
si Team
Witnessing massive internet proliferation, India today is chanting the SoLoMo (Social-Local-Mobile) mantra. Businesses that fail to keep pace with the market speed are basically killing themselves. To lure audiences in, organizations not only need to go where their customers are, but should also be able to think quickly on their feet and deliver the right kind of communication and creatives. Maintaining this exceptional attribute as its strength is Pink Lemonade, a communications & design agency. "Our quick-thinking team ideates with the client to ensure quick turnaround time and maximum value for money. We participate in many organized training sessions with creative subject matter experts to ascertain that all the fresh ideas come from the team. Our cross-domain expertise works very well to provide innovation in different sectors," says the company's Founder-CEO, Tina Garg.

Ensuring Maximum Value for Money

Each of Pink Lemonade's activities is backed by solid research, helping them meet all the marketing requirements of today's customers. With a diverse team of in-house experts such as UI/UX, Digital, and Web teams, Pink Lemonade achieves true end-to-end partner status - a rare feat achieved by very few other companies. For instance, under its Content Writing banner, Pink Lemonade develops social media content, blogs, brochures, case studies, presentations, newsletters, and marketing collaterals, among others. Geared towards constant growth and innovation, the company combines its proprietary model with appropriate tools and techniques to re-brand its clients. As for themselves, the brand has developed a unique identity of its own, with 'Pink' symbolizing this differentiation and 'Lemonade' standing for the freshness the agency brings to the table, with its novel ideas and techniques. However, most people perceive the name to be influenced by its women power, as the company is run by a woman and employs around 70 percent women.

Pink Lemonade adds tremendous value to its customers by quickly moving into every sphere their customers are eyeing. They offer comprehensive design & content solutions for all kinds of communications (online or offline, internal or external). The company also creates unique videos and optimized online campaigns by establishing and promoting its clients' web & social media presence. Pink Lemonade has bagged numerous clients such as Microsoft, GE Healthcare, Tata Coffee, and Flipkart to name a few; and almost 95 percent of them through word-of-mouth publicity. Over the years, the company has also received numerous awards such as the Communicator Awards, as well as the Big Bang Awards.

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