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Millennials Will Define Smart Enterprise Transformation

Mandar Marulkar, CIO, KPIT Technologies
Wednesday, August 17, 2016
Mandar Marulkar, CIO, KPIT Technologies
Headquartered in Pune, KPIT Technologies is a product engineering and technology solutions company that enables its clients to run their businesses more efficiently and smartly by assisting them in building products that are energy efficient, cleaner, safer and yield more comfort for their end-customers.

Imagine an app which would allow you to check the food menu in your office cafeteria, use the e-wallet and even give notifications when the food is ready. In turn, you avoid waiting time at the cafeteria and plan your break time better. Or maybe, an app that lets you search for a parking space in your office even before you've entered the building. This isn't aspirational thinking, but the result of a new wave of digitization which is transforming workplaces today.

Smart or digital enterprises are being built for the millennials - a generation of young adults born between the 1980s or 2000s. The 2013-14 Economic Survey estimates that India will become the youngest country by 2021, with 64 percent of its population in the working age group of 20-35. With changing workforce demographics, businesses need to redefine the notion of what defines workplace to make it more relevant for the new generation. Millennial employees are typically tech-savvy, keen to embrace and learn about new technologies in their personal life. For instance, millennial shoppers are more likely to use a variety of apps for shopping, which help discover new ways of exploring customer experience through analytics and virtual options for trying products. They expect a similar experience in the corporate environment also.

A technologically-enabled workplace should resonate with the millennial mindset and aim at better efficiency, agility and productivity within the organization. It should be able to connect the physical environment of the employees with devices and apps which allow secure access to company information, data, resources and applications from anytime, anywhere.

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Reader's comments(1)
1:Excellent article !!
Posted by: RAHUL KURHEKAR - 18th Aug 2016
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