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July - 2012 - issue > In My Opinion

Low Power to the People!

Vic Kulkarni
General Manager & Senior VP-RTL Business Unit of Apache Design Inc.
Monday, July 2, 2012
Vic Kulkarni
Apache acquired Sequence Design in 2009. Prior to the acquisition, Vic served as Sequence's President and CEO since 2002 and was instrumental in driving the Company's vision in the low-power chip design software solutions for leading worldwide customers. Vic was named "Entrepreneur of the Month" by SiliconIndia magazine and secured Sequence a spot in Reed Electronics' "50 Electronics Companies to Watch." Before joining Sequence he held executive management positions with Avant! and Meta-Software, which he helped take public with a market cap of $160 million, and served in engineering and marketing roles with several legendary Silicon Valley companies, including VLSI and National Semiconductor.

Key trends driving the industry and ANSYS-Apache

In today's connected world, several factors are driving the increasing demand for more power-efficient ICs and electronic systems, including:

• The proliferation of high performance mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablet computers. NPD researchers predict that the mobile processor sector will grow at a rate of 22 percent each year through 2016. That's after this area already nearly doubled in 2011 when mobile processor growth exceeded 43 percent. The escalating use and functionality of these devices is driving manufacturers to develop more power-efficient electronic components that extend battery life.

• The growing demand for smaller form factor electronic systems. This requires designers to deliver products that consume less power while still satisfying performance requirements. IC and electronic system manufacturers have begun marketing battery life as a key differentiating product feature. In addition, the explosion in system-to-system wireless communications is amplifying the amount of noise within and between ICs, threatening the system with malfunction or failure.

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