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LogixPlus Consulting: The Next Stride of Demand Generation

si Team
Wednesday, August 17, 2016
si Team
"Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell," said Seth Godin, the American author, entrepreneur and marketer, while speaking about yet another billion-dollar baby of the market - the demand generation automation. All these years, the market has shown something precise, the demand generation services are not sticky on the word 'advertising', but the conventional lead generation services also float their brand name in market and eventually results in a dream ROI. LogixPlus Consulting seized its foothold in this niche market by converting every pilot campaign it laid its hands on into full-fledged projects by performing a bang-on job. "Both in India and abroad, almost every organization needs the demand generation services and getting benefited with this; most of them don't know the actual benefit they can get from these activities, especially, lead garnering as this takes their sales figure to different level altogether," opines Priyam Srivastava, Managing Partner & CEO, LogixPlus Consulting.

Study and Then Proceed

Each and every resource/agent of the company has reaped at least four-plus years of average experience in B2B demand generation world. LogixPlus unites this keen expertise with its multi-layered quality assessment process for every lead passing to the client, in order to satisfy the promises on the established quality & adherence. The company never compromises on the quality of its services and is ready to go miles ahead to ensure that there is no ball-drop happening. "Researching every detail of prospect through multiple sources and confirming everything on email or call ensures that the facts and figures we have are accurate," adds Priyam.

Over the years, the firm has evolved a successful methodology to ensure predictable outcomes on campaigns. Scrutinizing this synopsis comprehensively, LogixPlus kick-started its journey from Nevada in March 2015. Within eye-shut time, the company has exhibited excellence in delivering bonded Service Level Agreement (SLA) to endow customers with sales pipeline visibility. Realizing the significance of working closely with the client-ecosystem and selling groups, the company deploys a team of Business Development Specialists and Program Managers in its campaigns, regardless of the out-turns and client's history.

"Blend of both primary & secondary research and reaching out to decision makers (such as CXO, VP, Director and so on) and generating leads only with them ensures that client will get maximum out of every lead. If our clients are happy, they keep us happy too by continuing their lead generation activity through us," adds Priyam. Having a passionate information & analysis team that provides support in building databases specific to the campaign demand (contact profiles, trade verticals, company profiles and others), no wonder LogixPlus has got some big-buddies such as Adobe, Marketo, Microsoft, Symantec, Decision resources, Epicor, CA Technologies and Sales force under its belt.

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