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Lex Protector: Offering Undisputed IP Services

Anamika Sahu
Sunday, November 23, 2014
Anamika Sahu
It was an Eureka moment for Aurobinda Panda when he got introduced to the world of Intellectual Property services while studying law. The idea to start a company and make it big in the space trolled over him for around four years. The raw idea got a healthy incubation with the support of two enterprising classmates Atul Patel and Bhaskar Jyoti Mukherjee. While Atul played more of a critics to his ideas, Bhaskar helped him modify and reconstruct the same and push it towards perfection. And finally on one fine day in 2012, Aurobinda and Bhaskar decided to make this long loved concept a reality by incepting Lex Protector with the aim to find a place for the company in the map of Global IP industry. The objective wouldn't have been attained if it was not for Aurojeet Panda, who considered investing his precious resources in our firm to carve our dream into a reality.

The Superiority & Dexterity

"The Global IP industry is a huge platform lending enormous space for every enterprise, irrespective of its size, to become the shining stars. We are just two-year old and we have surpassed only a few milestones yet," says Aurobinda Panda, Co-Founder & CEO, Lex Protector. The undisputed quality of services the company provides have garnered them various clients from, U.S.,UK, Australia, Spain and others within just a couple of year of inception.

One of Lex's client J.A. Mendizabal, VINCI, says, "A fine team of associates pooling their resources to meet a client's need. That's how I can best describe Lex Protector. The firm's expertise in Trademark Law is unmatchable and there's not an iota of doubt about that". This is just one of the testaments the startup's success among several others written to the company for the incredible support it provided to the clients.

Given the wide nature of its services, Lex not just receives colossal challenge from Indian firms but also from firms outside the country. But what sets them apart from other similar providers are their diverse nature of services. "One of our unique services runs under the head of Trademark Watch where we help safeguard goodwill of our clients by identifying potential infringers by keeping watch over the trademark for any potential infringement," says Siddharth Mathur, a Senior Legal Associate of the firm. Lex's services know no boundaries and serve clients in different jurisdictions across the globe.

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