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Khumbu Systems: Resolving Technology challenges with Collaborative Strategies

SI Team
Friday, October 23, 2015
SI Team
Rahul Musunuri's problem-solving trait enables him to remain doggedly in pursuit of logical solutions for his clients' problems, whilst ensuring that his team embodies the Khumbu spirit of walking the extra mile with the customer. "We offer systems development, maintenance, testing and consulting services to help clients turn problems into value generating solutions," says Rahul Musunuri, CEO, Khumbu Systems. The firm's expert services and consultancy span, mobile, web and desktop applications development, and solutions design and architecture validation for complex systems.

Strong systems architecture is the cornerstone for any large enterprise system. Towards this, the firm initiates a thorough architectural analysis at the very onset of a large-scale enterprise development effort, which ensures that the system built is stable, easily maintainable, and assuredly recoverable. As part of architecture development activities, the firm's seasoned consultants meet with stakeholders to identify and analyze architecturally significant and non-functional requirements. They also validate proposed architectures, recommend technologies, plan for disaster recovery, create design guidelines, conduct performance, benchmark testing, and capacity sizing, and interview hardware and software vendors. The services help in the evaluation and implementation of the most appropriate solution for an organization.

Khumbu's QA team, which consists of highly skilled engineers, is adept in all aspects of software quality assurance, ensuring that the software adheres to strict QA standards and procedures. The firm's QA services span the development of system test strategies, establishing QA processes and governance in an organization, including manual and automation testing.

Musunuri follows a work culture where the focus is not on tackling every IT problem, but rather focusing on the most challenging ones, which intellectually stimulates the smart in-house team. The Khumbu team is abreast of the rapid technology changes through constant learning, creating proofs of concepts and experimenting with new methodologies.

In a particular instance, a customer wanted Khumbu Systems to re-architect and develop a modern payments processing and document management system. The customer had been using a legacy system consisting of a set of core products, which had to be customized for each client deployment based on business data, rules and workflows specific to each installation. "After identifying the key architectural requirements based on the business goals, we decided that a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for the overall solution design will help to improve reuse and achieve loose coupling," says Musunuri. The firm used Windows Presentation Foundation and ASP.NET for richer and responsive UI, Windows Communication Foundation, Workflow and Rules engine for supporting remoting, distribution and customizability. Active Directory Federation Services and Windows Identity Foundation offered better security, ease of user operations and administration.

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