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Kamstrup: Busy Creating the Future of Smart Digital Water Supply

Anamika Sahu
Sunday, November 6, 2016
Anamika Sahu
Water utilities, governments and OEMs are increasingly exploring the application of smart metering to water systems to extract benefits akin to eliminating leaks & inefficiency, lower utility operating costs, improve water conservation, and recapture lost revenues from leaks & thefts. Accounting for over 18 percent of world population, India seems to be on the verge of serious water crisis in the coming years, as too much water is lost to leaks. Lack of adequate tariff policy and no transparency in cost of production with consumers lead municipalities/utilities face huge losses, which adversely affects government's operations and maintenance expenditure. Kamstrup, a Denmark based manufacturer of systems and solutions for smart energy and water metering, has built smart solutions that can help utilities/municipalities to measure, read and bill the exact supply, and the end-consumers to keep a track of their day-to-day consumption.

Kamstrup has already established its footprint in India. For instance, Kapil Gram Panchayat in Maharashtra has become the first ever Indian gram panchayat to install Kamstrup Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) ultrasonic domestic water meters. The successful installation of smart meters with handheld drive-by solution enables consumers to have access to water 24x7, and logs daily consumption data and events such as leak, tamper along with reverse flow for 460 days and monthly data for 36 months. Additionally, the meter also provides bill based on actual usage of each consumer. The company is presently working with few Municipal Corporations/Councils in Hyderabad, NMDC and Chennai to create pilot projects. "Smart metering is not just a matter of greater precision and consumption metering, it also holds the potential for optimizing operations, quality management, revenue protection, asset management and improve customer relations. It is about making the right choices and the right investments," asserts Kriti S. Golwalla, Marketing Manager, Kamstrup India.

The Unique Offerings

Kamstrup works with energy and water companies, utilities and municipalities to protect their reputations, create new opportunities for growth and inspire smart, more responsible solutions. Kamstrup systems are capable of delivering real-time data from all consumers which includes metering, communication infrastructure, data management and support services.

Its smart meters are produced to MID Approval EN 1434 - a stringent European standard that ensures the accuracy while quality remains constant. Its water metering solutions represent the next-gen of smart metering. Combining newest ultrasonic technology with remote reading, advanced pressure and leakage surveillance, and high end-user involvement, Kamstrup offers a full product portfolio covering water utility's core tasks while securing the highest level of control, efficiency and flexibility on the market. Ultrasonic Water Meter - FlowIQ - 2101 allows measurement for precise accuracy, flow and temperature monitoring, smart alarms for leak, burst, reverse flow detection and tamper notification having to 16 years battery life. Furthermore, Meter Reading System READy - a unique solution for reading meters remotely and optimizing the distribution network, can easily be adjusted to meet different needs and expand with change in need. The handling of meters and meter data takes place in the PC program, READy Manager accessible via mobile or network.

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