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KK Sharma Law Offices: The Pioneer in Competition Law Consulting

Laishram Neviya
Thursday, December 11, 2014
Laishram Neviya
Customer is the 'King pin' of the market today. Businesses around the globe are making every endeavor to park their brands effectively in the minds of consumers and snatch a bigger pie in the competition. While this has resulted in availability of immense choices for the customers, many businesses vie aggressively and go overboard to grab quick gains. In the process, business ethics and consumer interest becomes a highly neglected value. This unfortunately is the side effect of globalization. With the incoming of 'The New Industrial Policy' in 1991, the market started expanding at a breakneck speed, and eventually it became essential to introduce a law to maintain market competition by regulating anti-competitive conduct by companies. Thus, in 2002, The Competition Act came into existence in India and became fully functional by 2009. KK Sharma, the ex-Director General & Head Merger Control & Antitrust, Indian Competition Agency, played an important role in drafting the law and amendment bill for Competition Law in India. Today, this law plays an instrumental role in making the game a fair play. However, KK Sharma uncovered that there is an absence of expertise and availability of valid sources both inside and outside the commission of Competition law which has created a knowledge crater. This emerged as one of the biggest gap and the major disconnect in the competition law.

KK Sharma is a scholar having profound knowledge of the Competition Law. He took voluntary retirement with intent to bridge the knowledge gap existing in the legal community with respect to this law and therefore incepted KK Sharma Law Offices (KK) in 2012. Starting as a firm specialized in Competition Law, today KK provides a strategic consulting platform to wide-ranging organizations and strives to discover long hauled and practical answers for the key concerns of organizations. KK has already created benchmarks in India, yet it believes there is still much to be done. Therefore, the firm takes an active participation in providing training, workshops and seminars on Competition Law. "We have made our firm a knowledge centre where we do not chase customers and only run behind knowledge. Our advisory council has played a key role in the evolution of competition law and policy, and we have the knack to pass on the same to our clients," says KK Sharma, Founder, KK Sharma Law Offices. The firm also focuses on assorted segments on merger control, economic laws, corporate governance and public affairs. KK is best suited for anything on merger control as the firm's regulations, format, and internal control of case are all drafted by KK Sharma himself.

Practicing Excellence

Academically qualified and exceptionally intelligent, KK Sharma holds MA in Economics & PG Diploma in Competition Law, Post Graduation diploma and MA from King's College London and PhD in Competition Law from UK. Personified in terms of Competition Law, KK Sharma and his team cover all major jurisdictions and provide a unique array of services. The firm specializes in counseling governments, regulators, companies and professional firms on the entire spectrum of issues concerning competition law, taxation, enforcement and investigation, anti- corruption governance, corporate governance, CSR & business responsibility, and public policy regulations. With diverse blend of experience, knowledge and culture, KK offers an extensive and rich experience in terms of skill, knowledge, creativity and passion to its clients. "Tied by the common principles of professional integrity, ethical conduct and a passion for excellence, we understand the best practices and processes in competition law and regulation, tax, and issues of governance and public policy that require harmonization with local laws, procedure and culture," adds KK Sharma.

Growth Driven by Success

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