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Inuxu: Marrying Relevancy & Creativity to Fulfill Entire Digital Advertising Needs

si Team
Tuesday, December 1, 2015
si Team
Most digital marketing companies settle with standard platform inventories as they perceive adtech as just being SSP, DSP or a trading desk. But today's digitally evolved users act blind towards static ads ignoring the ad display area on the websites. This is manifest by the plummeting average CTRs (Click through Rate). Hence, to trigger higher click rate, ads must be relevant to users and also be creative, engaging and appealing.

Mastering the strategy of marrying the science of relevance and the art of engagement to deliver personalized ads on content-rich digital properties has enrichedInuxu, a two years young digital media technology company, with over hundred clients already. The Pune headquartered company's proprietary audience data & inventory marketplace platform was named as Adgebra aptly, as it uses highly advanced mathematical algorithms to generate custom audience segments as well as to deliver precise campaigns with creative engagement elements.

Serving across the Spectrum

As there are several digital marketing players on the field, almost everyone feels the burn. But what really keeps Inuxu further afar from its rivals is its capability of offering a service layer on top of the product, which can cater to the entire spectrum of publishers, advertisers, campaign managers & media planners under single roof; thus eliminating brand's need to have a creative agency, a media agency and a technology supplier. "Adgebra not only solves graving issues like ad blocking, click fraud and display banner fatigue for advertisers, it also helps publishers to deliver precise campaigns with reduced operational efforts. It further enables them to monetize from their own data by trading their audience in real-time to an advertiser, agency or ad network via Adgebra's audience data exchange," explains Rohit Bagad, Founder & CEO, Inuxu.

Besides providing a dedicated creative team for every brand and 'Confidence Score' that makes the target audience more precise & reliable, Inuxu's high impact ad units guarantee a viewable impression, since ads are served across its direct publisher network and not via typical ad exchanges. Utilizing Adgebra's recently integrated mobile capabilities, Cadbury's Bubbly campaign realized an extremely atypical 7-8 percent CTR, which made Cadbury Inuxu's repeated customer.

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