Inuxu: Marrying Relevancy & Creativity to Fulfill Entire Digital Advertising Needs

Date:   Tuesday , December 01, 2015

Most digital marketing companies settle with standard platform inventories as they perceive adtech as just being SSP, DSP or a trading desk. But today\'s digitally evolved users act blind towards static ads ignoring the ad display area on the websites. This is manifest by the plummeting average CTRs (Click through Rate). Hence, to trigger higher click rate, ads must be relevant to users and also be creative, engaging and appealing.

Mastering the strategy of marrying the science of relevance and the art of engagement to deliver personalized ads on content-rich digital properties has enrichedInuxu, a two years young digital media technology company, with over hundred clients already. The Pune headquartered company\'s proprietary audience data & inventory marketplace platform was named as Adgebra aptly, as it uses highly advanced mathematical algorithms to generate custom audience segments as well as to deliver precise campaigns with creative engagement elements.

Serving across the Spectrum

As there are several digital marketing players on the field, almost everyone feels the burn. But what really keeps Inuxu further afar from its rivals is its capability of offering a service layer on top of the product, which can cater to the entire spectrum of publishers, advertisers, campaign managers & media planners under single roof; thus eliminating brand\'s need to have a creative agency, a media agency and a technology supplier. \"Adgebra not only solves graving issues like ad blocking, click fraud and display banner fatigue for advertisers, it also helps publishers to deliver precise campaigns with reduced operational efforts. It further enables them to monetize from their own data by trading their audience in real-time to an advertiser, agency or ad network via Adgebra\'s audience data exchange,\" explains Rohit Bagad, Founder & CEO, Inuxu.

Besides providing a dedicated creative team for every brand and \'Confidence Score\' that makes the target audience more precise & reliable, Inuxu\'s high impact ad units guarantee a viewable impression, since ads are served across its direct publisher network and not via typical ad exchanges. Utilizing Adgebra\'s recently integrated mobile capabilities, Cadbury\'s Bubbly campaign realized an extremely atypical 7-8 percent CTR, which made Cadbury Inuxu\'s repeated customer.

Intriguing Journey to Apex

Rohit was aware of the loopholes in the industry that could be void by Big Data Technology, as he came across every nitty-gritty in his 12-year long journey within the digital marketing industry, and started developing a product idea. When his idea got positive feedbacks from industry experts, Rohit confidentially quit his lucrative job and founded Inuxu in March 2013. Inuxu started its journey with four freshers, who had zero knowledge in digital marketing, but excellent at technologies like Java and Hadoop. \"The selected candidates asked about the office location. Imagine their shock whenI told them that I hadn\'t got any place yet,\" recalls Rohit with a laugh.

Piloting the prototype of its impressive product Adgebra not only endowed Inuxu with a couple of clients, but also funds from netCORE and Greynium.Having moved beyond generic startup challenges akin to hiring excellent talents with limited resources, generating revenue till the completion of product development and funding, today Inuxu has grown to a level where it\'s racking its brains about creating alliances and geographical expansion. In the very first year, it generated a whopping revenue of Rs.70 lakhs and tremendously magnified the same by 650 percent the next year. For this year,Inuxu targeted to attain a 250 percent growth, which it has alreadycrossed.

Preserving a Family Ambience

Even with such incredible growth, Inuxu still preserves a family ambience with a kitchen, hall and dining area, where all of its 54 people maintain warm relationship with each other. Besides perks like free snacks and insurance, the company excites its people by awarding stars for outstanding activities and felicitating the winner of maximum number of stars in a monthly party on terrace, where entertainment & cultural programs are arranged. It also conducts weekly meetings to discuss the growth of Inuxu and industry. Inuxuites are free to roam within the organization and transfer to other departments without any restrictions.Defying traditional hierarchical system,this performance-centric company rewards Inuxuites with remuneration and promotion based on their performance, rather than number of years of experience.

The company that currently trains its people with a fixed training module is now building a material that is customized for each department. Having established strong business presence already, Inuxu plans to raise funds in the next three months to scale up its operations PAN India and abroad, starting with Middle East and South East Asia. As people outside India prefer self-served platform, Adgebra will soon have that capability. The day doesn\'t seem very far when Inuxu will become the go-to digital marketing technology provider for global companies as well.


Key Management:
Rohit Bagad, Founder & CEO

Rohit has held diverse roles from being product manager to business head in digital advertising realm for over 12 years, primarily focused on product innovation and operational excellence. This innovation hungry product evangelist is passionate towards unfurling the utmost potential of Digital as an advertising medium.

Headquarter: Pune

Clients: Kesari Tours & Travels, Samsung, Cadbury, Kotak Securities, Zoffio, Sharekhan, Lenovo, MTR, AirAsia, VISA, Maharaja Whiteline and ICICI Lombard to name a few

Verticals: e-Commerce, Real Estate, BFSI, Fashion, and Travel & Tourism among others

Offerings: On top of its integrated adtech platform Adgebra, Inuxu offers solutions including:

Advertiser Solutions: Pre-marketing (rope in new customers) and Remarketing (woo dropped audience) using high impact ad units such as in-image ads & mobile innovations

Publisher Solutions: Audience data exchange (Buy & sell audience data), Ad inventory monetization, Article recommendation widget (incremental pageviews)