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InterraIT:Persevering to achieve Genius with every Completion

Sandeep Sen
Friday, July 26, 2013
Sandeep Sen
The high demand for IT services is driven by the rapid technological advances and this demand will continue to grow for many coming decades. The largely fragmented industry is host to multitudes of players making it difficult for enterprises and CIO's to put their finger on the solution provider best suited to them. In today's brutal business climate, a dearth of time and staff as well intense cost pressures have made companies focus on one aspect the most; Value for money. Understanding this underlying need of every enterprise is a company that has come up to become a trusted name in the IT Services arena – InterraIT, a provider of end to end life cycle solutions and services to Fortune 1000 companies.

Decoding their DNA

"The industry has changed drastically since we began our journey but some things have remained the same like appreciation of quality and value, and timely delivery," says Asoke Laha, Founder, President and CEO, InterraIT. InterraIT provides a wide array of services ranging from consulting to product engineering, virtualization, big data analysis to some of the biggest names in the market today. However Laha noticed a trend where IT departments were increasingly recognizing the need for enterprise mobility solutions as they required to deploy an increasing number of mobile applications to a broader and more diverse employee base. He also understood that supply chain management was a crucial piece of the puzzle as organizations were looking to make their business processes agile and seamless. He steered the focus of the company towards mobility and supply chain management and today InterraIT has become a force to reckon with in these domains.

Their technical expertise in the mobile domain coupled with knowledge and experience of enterprise solutions and telecom provides end-to-end solution to address all technical needs of customers. Armed with their expert professionals, the company is able to handle any requirement in the mobile domain. When a client from the healthcare sector had a requirement that would enable field workers or end users in remote data collection then this solutions provider developed a mobile application that did the above and added a few tweaks for added benefits such as faster data collection due to direct upload, SMS support for non-GPRS supported places, and application download enhancements. These helped the customer enormously in the field and streamlined their business data requirements.

Although their domain expertise is the area of focus on a superficial level, it is their core philosophy that attracts CIO's and enterprises time and time again. Laha and his team have built a quality driven organization. The time their first customer approached Laha for a project, InterraIT had 20 employees and no work; as the client had not promised a contract – it was just a test of their ability. Within a year, they had positioned 50 employees for that client and completely replaced the previous vendor. That is the tenacity and benchmark level of efficiency that this organization functions with. An instance of this is seen when one of their clients – a leading brand in manufacturing passenger cars – had an urgent requirement at one of their manufacturing locations; this service backpacker sent their tactical team to analyse the problem. The manufacturing unit was unable to track the shipments that went to U.S. from Mexico and a manual process resulted in higher inventory movement capture times and inefficiency and losses due to inventory reconciliation.

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