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Insight PLM Consulting: Encomiastic & Infallible Consulting Organization

Anamika Sahu
Wednesday, July 2, 2014
Anamika Sahu
When a company is built on the foundation of 'Never Fail a Client & Never Fail an Employee', it becomes unerring. This is precisely what concretes Insight PLM Consulting and makes its DNA. Way back in 2010, when Gaurav Hazra and Navtej Bassi realized that clients need strong and focused niche players who can bring more value through specialization and thought leadership, they incepted Insight.
The vivacious leadership team - who holds years of experience working in large global blue-chip companies within very complex ecosystems of product vendors, systems integrators, consultants and clients - helped the company witness strong growth and consistent profits since inception. Last fiscal year, the company delivered over 90 percent growth and very strong profile with just 15 percent increase in costs. This was possible by the great clients the company acquired and retained since its initial days. This helped Insight to build a debt and investor free company completely based on internal accruals.

"Like all startups, we too had our challenges of talent acquisition, brand establishment, cash-flow and governance. We overcame some of these by prioritization, discipline, tight-fisted approach and just focusing on the right thing," says Gaurav Hazra, Co-Founder, Insight PLM. The company relentlessly worked with clients to deliver value at each step in the making that helped Insight establish its brand and market recall. Be it addressing a specific business pain or driving a business transformation through consulting and implementations or just deploying solutions to address a gap in business process coverage, Insight PLM is known in the market for delivering value and meeting clients' expectations.

Insight PLM has a niche focus on those clients whose business depends either on timely launch of a 'New product' or the successful delivery of a 'complex project' on-time and on budget. While one part of the business is engaged to enable product makers to formulate, implement and execute new product development strategies; the other part is engaged in helping project-intensive businesses manage their project lifecycle and significantly improve their project execution capabilities. Insight is a hierarchy free organization that encourages people to take initiatives and grow helps the company to have a very low attrition rate. "The vital combination of our thought leadership in the market, agility, domain knowledge and ability to deliver differentiates us significantly from our competition," adds Shashi Verma, Director - Delivery & Product Development.

Insight PLM has a strong presence in India, ASEAN & Middle East countries and serves clients in the verticals of engineering and construction, oil and gas, utilities, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and heavy engineering. Their strong portfolio of clients includes L&T, ITC Ranbaxy, SUN Pharma, KEC International, Nuclear Power Corporation of India, MERALCO, MIESCOR, IMI, Unilever, Aditya Birla Group and many more. Insight PLM envisions to be recognized as a thought leader among its core market globally and grow 10 fold in the next three years. The company has recently formed its subsidiary in Dubai to have direct presence & drive the GCC and African market. It is preparing itself for take-off and potential equity infusion in order to drive exponential growth and get to the next level.
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