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October - 2013 - issue > India's 50 Best Small & Startup IT Companies

India's 50 Best Small & Startup IT Companies to Work With - 2013

SI Team
Wednesday, October 2, 2013
SI Team
Bonus, travel allowances, sales commission, incentives all were the talk of the town in the job market. Today, the game has completely changed and the focus has shifted from monetary view point to complete engagement of the employees in the development of the employees and the organization. Workplace recognition and revenue growth are not coincidental and is a reflection of one’s belief that treating employees well is a good business. This has become a key driver of innovation in most of the organizations.

Companies are spending heavily for their employees training, may it be onsite or offsite training, to provide them a better understanding of their core work functionality. With such huge investments being made on the employees, retaining them are one of the top priorities for any HR. Thus, different companies come up with different HR policies to not only retain them but to keep them motivated at all the touch points possible.

Today, the four walls of the office and 9 AM to 5 PM are no more a bondage for the employees to execute their job. Work from home and working hour flexibility are among the high drivers of the job market helping the employees to make work-life balance and the organization to grow exponentially globally. Family and health insurance, maternity leaves, paternity leaves, team lunches or even free lunches, team outing and transportation facilities do seem to be the cherry on the cake, however these play a vital role in not only attracting good talent but also keeping them with the organization.

Recognizing the need of the hour, companies of all sizes have tweaked their HR policies to provide the best working environment and culture to their employees. Based on these factors siliconIndia brings to you "India's 50 Best Small & Startup Companies to Work For – 2013". We believe that these companies are quite a step ahead from their peers in the industry in terms of their HR policies and work culture.

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Reader's comments(6)
1:At Appnomic we get freedom to work on flexible timing and finish our work.
Posted by: Dhana lakshmi D - 22nd Jun 2015
2:@Appnomic we have the freedom to work on our own till work is accomplished. No questions is ever being asked on when & where we are till the allocated job is done on time and properly. Being in more of travel profile I even don\'t have any restriction to clock in / clock out.Even if working from office its not required for you to wait till your superiors to leave office, if you are done no one will ever ask you a question.
Posted by: Anurag Jha - 21st Jun 2015
3:Flexi timing is a big advantage.
Posted by: - 17th Jun 2015
4:Balancing Work life and family life is the greatest value I have experienced @ Appnomic. We get the freedom to work at flexibility instead of the forcing the employees to work at the defined day in and day out time. We have great fun that the team enjoy team lunches and team outings.
Posted by: - 09th Jun 2015
5:Appnomic understands my word its not about clocking in and clocking out. They let us be us & this freedom inspires us to deliver great results.Good working environment.
Posted by: Malathi Rajanna - 08th Jun 2015
6:@ Appnomic Systems, we get a great freedom to work as per our flexibility, thus entrusting the responsibilities on its employees and at the same time ensure service availability round the clock.
Posted by: Lakshminarayanan Hariharan - 28th May 2015
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