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INKONIQ: Crafting Awesome User Experiences for Brands & Startups

si Team
Friday, December 30, 2016
si Team
Jakob Nielsen father of User Experience says, "Clear content, simple navigation, and answers to customer questions have the biggest impact on business value. Advanced technology matters much less". The words of this legendary design leader are true especially in today's digital world. In the recent times, all forward thinking businesses have understood the importance of good UX design and are investing more money and time in developing a great user experience.

Rajesh Kumar, along with his Co-Founder Prachod Prasad, has 16 years of experience in the space working with Fortune 500 brands and top designers based from New York. They saw a potential in this segment half a decade ago and started INKONIQ with a vision to be an iconic brand in the design space. INKONIQ is today India's leading User Experience Company. Over the period of six years, INKONIQ has developed successful experiences helping brands transform and disrupt the space, and startups grow by redefining the user experience.

Taking Digital Experiences to the Next Level

As India's leading UX driven app development company, INKONIQ is one such establishment that lives and breathes design. The process is flexible enough to cater the projects of varying sizes and turnaround times. They employ an iterative design approach, which can be utilized for achieving both short-term and long-term goals.

To gather deep insights, the team works on understanding users and their behaviors through deep empathy. They do this through various user research techniques. From the empathy work, they form a user point of view that will address the design requirements.

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