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IBI Global Research Solutions: Wizard in Reading Minds for Businesses

si Team
Wednesday, August 17, 2016
si Team
Coca-Cola strived to launch a sweeter version of their beverage when Pepsi emerged as their competitor in 1980s. But the public response was so negative, as the hasty approach lacked a core market study. The company failed to sense the consumers' pulse, that they didn't want a Coke 2.0, but the classic beverage whose secret recipe is guarded under lock and key in Georgia! One of the gigantic investment losses due lack of a stern market research was recorded in the history. Even today this 'Coke-study' evokes the businesses about the significance of flawless market research.

IBI Global Research Solutions is a boon for such entrepreneurs-that fear market vibes and hold their strides back - with its deep-rooted, quality, timely and cost effective market research solutions across almost all industry verticals. Its native language expertise across all major markets facilitates it to provide any assistance regarding data collection, translations & transcriptions, programming & data processing services at a global level, which leaves its competitors a few miles behind. Moreover, its world-class research milieu enables the organization to stand by its name, Innovation Beyond Imagination (IBI).

An Insight

The organization came into existence in 2011with the basic market research tools such as Telephonic interview and direct interactions. Scrutinizing the niche market & technologies heedfully, the organization made a real launch without any delay by providing versatile solutions and services centered on high-end infrastructure. On the other hand, being an ESOMAR member, IBI manifests genuine commitment towards the ethos of market research, other than on-boarding a materialistic approach. "We are profound to imagine the possibilities that range above innovation and turn that imagination into reality. We adhere to our stern work ethics which enable us to stand out of the crowd," asserts Shibu Sayed, Director, IBI Global Research Solutions.

This client-driven organization taps in various industry verticals including Retail, Manufacturing, Automotive, Food & Beverage and Energy to name a few. IBI is a one-stop market research organization with an audience looking for B2B as well as B2C solutions. It is not just confined to providing Phone surveys and Online panel solutions, but it is also major in organizing group discussions, face-to-face interviews, ethnographies, car clinic studies, mystery shopping and personnel recruitments for online bulletin boards & communities, all globally.

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