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Homebuy 360 : Building Smarter Technology Solutions for the Real Estate Sector

Nandini Mukherjee
Monday, December 9, 2013
Nandini Mukherjee
The Real estate industry faces a number of issues and challenges in terms of inconsistent levels of service to clients & customers primarily due to lack of control and visibility of key client relationships and also due to the absence of a powerful online solution for real-estate builders and realtors alike.

When founders of Homebuy 360.com were working with Infosys, they had several colleagues buying apartments and were facing the same problems. The communication between the builder and buyer was highly manual and ineffective.

Builders struggled with the issue of high employee turnover and fall short of providing good customer care. The apparent need to help their friends resulted in a brainstorming session about a business plan which led to the setting up a HSR Layout-based company which created something that is transformational for the Indian real estate industry, for builders, buyers, realtors and vendors. The idea was to connect all of them over internet to facilitate the home buying transaction and create a win-win proposition for both through their product Homebuy360.com.

Homebuy360.com, a technology start-up,looks to make the home buying through settling-in process very smooth and simple for builders, buyers, brokers, vendors and banks by connecting them on a single platform. The flagship product www.homebuy360.com was started about 2.5 years back. It enables them to handle their entire sales management process from first phone call to hand-over and everything in between. For buyer it gives instant access to all information from anywhere in world. Homebuy has about 35 builder’s clients, across 6 tier-1 cities.

Facing the challenges

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