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Having a Superior and Compatible Solution should be the Goal

Biju Nair
EVP, Product Management & CSO-Synchronoss Technologies
Monday, July 2, 2012
Biju Nair
Biju Nair is the EVP, Product Management and CSO, Synchronoss Technologies and has over 18 years' experience as an entrepreneur and technology industry leader. In March 2011, Nair joined Synchronoss (Nasdaq: SNCR), a provider of on demand transaction management technology. Synchronoss' software platforms automate subscriber activation, order management and service provisioning for all connected-devices, across any communication service, from any channel, where he serves as the Chief Strategy Officer. He is responsible for leading the strategic vision of the connected devices and cloud computing for profitable growth of the company's product portfolio. Prior to joining Synchronoss, Nair was the Chairman & CEO of Sapience Knowledge Systems, Inc., a venture backed wireless software company (acquired by Synchronoss Technologies in 2011). He was also the SVP & GM of the Connectivity and Security Group at Smith Micro Software and Corporate Vice President & GM and founder of Mobility Solutions Group at PCTEL, Inc. which was acquired by Smith Micro in 2008.

Activities bursting in Synchronoss

Being an 11-year old NASDAQ company Synchronoss is one of the fastest growing technology companies in the U.S with roughly $250 million in revenue. Our primary customers are wireless status providers, OEM, and cable MSO's. As a transaction management technology company, we focus on connected devices base and participate in every aspect of connected device in the hands of subscriber of a wireless carrier. Our products like subscriber of activation and subscriber of procurement product is essentially an e-commerce platform. For example, if you make any transaction on the AT&T’s website such as buying a new hand set or any type of transactions related to that, and this is not just related to wireless but also to wire line set of the pieces that actually goes to our e-commerce platform called ConvergenceNow. Though all of this is branded to AT&T and runs as an AT&T system on the front line but behind the scenes the engine is ours. Our platform enables companies to get a new subscriber or retain a new subscriber by selling them additional products and services. So we are a part of their subscriber acquisition process.

With devices becoming very personal and important, and data has to be backed up and secured, we have a cloud synchronization solution that saves contents on smart devices, uploads them and backs them up into a cloud. Vodafone deploys these solutions and this is the single largest cloud deployment solution available in the market today. With 42 billion subscribers who are on the solution, we manage about 5.7 billion entity in the cloud and various devices that are connected to the cloud synchronized about two million times every day with the cloud.

We recently made an acquisition of a company called Miyowa, which is based out of Marseille, France, which brings together very innovative solutions for us to help us leverage this platform. With lots of people using social media network and commenting on the pictures and thoughts at the same point of time creating a lot of chatter on the network and start to communicate with all the devices that are attached to that particular poster or picture, it creates two types of problems for network operators and subscribers; one is the amount of chatty traffic on the network, and the other is a large number of users create small amount of traffic but all being on the network simultaneously and communicating with each other through social media network. What our solution brings is the aggregation of the various social media networking sites available.

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