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Harbinger Interactive Learning: Innovate, Partner and Excel

Kavitha G.
Tuesday, October 7, 2014
Kavitha G.
It is no secret that with the exponential growing trends in the technology, the way of knowledge consumption of people has also changed dramatically. The faster internet bandwidth and the evolution of portable devices like tablets and smartphones transformed learning from just learning to ‘just–in-time’ learning. The paradigm shift of technology from older flash to HTML5 has made it a compulsion for instructional designers and content developers to become more vigilant & thoughtful so that they design the content outline in order to meet different form factors of the learner’s devices. Amidst the multiplying number of learning solutions company and content development agencies, there are only a handful companies who offer highly effective, proven and cost-effective services and amongst those limited companies Harbinger Interactive Learning stands tall with its innovative instructional frameworks and technology-based rapid authoring solutions.

The 1998 born Harbinger started off its content services and offerings with the name of Harbinger Knowledge Products Pvt. Ltd. As the company gained momentum in the market, Harbinger Interactive Learning Pvt. Ltd. (HILPL) spun off and started its independent journey. Being a part of the highly innovative Harbinger Group, the company is the sole provider of proprietary and patented software solutions for interactivity creation. The company offers instructionally appealing and engaging e-learning content that follows single source along with augmented reality applications, offline mobile applications, interactive ebooks and ePub. Leveraging its knowledge in instructional designing and production experience with interactive and proficient offerings, HILPL vests its in-depth research skills in offering strong skills in writing and visualizing which is also coupled with a deep understanding of learners’ psychology.

With its way of technology implementation and innovations in instructional design, HILPL has witnessed many complex projects turn into a cakewalk. One of them is designing and development of large volume of HTML5-based customized & Section 508 compliant courses for K-12 (schools) for the world’s largest educational publisher. With these offerings, the brand has successfully established itself as a globally recognized outsourced partner for custom interactive eLearning, mobile, social and blended learning solutions.

‘Learning and innovation go hand in hand’. This frequently quoted phrase definitely applies to HILPL. HILPL has been leveraging its innovative products and experience in content services technology & LMS platforms to provide end-to-end eLearning content services. Themed on its core values ‘Innovate, Partner and Excel’, the brand offers innumerable opportunities to innovate and grow. The steady and regular trainings within the company sharpen their knowledge and skills in the latest technologies, related to eLearning and mLearning. In this context, the employees also have opportunities to speak about the technology initiatives of the company at various international conferences. The feedback earned does not only help to augment their success ratio, but also boost up individual’s confidence in contributing their share to success. Furthermore, the company also houses internal forums such as Innovation Factory and the Innovation Sandbox wherein the workforce can propagate their thoughts & dream-projects. These projects are assessed by experts who step forward to make employee’s ideas come true in a well-guided manner.

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