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HR Approach in the Digital World

Deepika Pillai, Director - HR, Xavient Information Systems
Wednesday, June 15, 2016
Deepika Pillai, Director - HR, Xavient Information Systems
Headquartered in California, Xavient is an IT consulting firm that provides enterprise solutions and operational support services like customization, enhancement, OSS/BSS applications, infrastructure & security management and many others

Digitization has transformed the way corporates work, requiring a tremendous change in all areas of human resources. What's needed is a complete reversal of how the technology should serve the human needs of people at work, starting not from the needs of the enterprise, but from those of the people who make it what it is. The new technologies play an important role in portraying a brand in a manner that is attractive to the people joining it. From social media to blogs and mobile to web-apps, every internet tool serves fairly well in connecting people within the organization and linking them outside the organization. Some areas of digital age that seeped into the human resource function right from talent search to maintaining employee functions within the organization can be:

- Using social networking sites (such as LinkedIn) to search for and recruit the right talent.
- Using the web for company job postings and awareness of vacancies and hiring.
- Providing web based or mobile HR platforms (payroll, benefits, and others).
- Using technology to capture performance reviews and create workforce reports.
- Using data analytics for business intelligence and also to identify risk areas.

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