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Getting off her comfort zone

Aniket Kavathekar
Monday, May 2, 2005
Aniket Kavathekar
In December 1998, Radha Basu started her maiden expedition towards Everest’s Advanced Base camp—an altitude of 5,200 meters where both breathe and concentration are the toughest things to get right.

There her undying spirit defied gravity and she rediscovered herself. For the first time, she decided to leave her cushy HP job and get out of her comfort zone. That, she did by taking a hardship-packed start up responsibility while consciously and assertively giving up her general manager portfolio in HP.

Changing jobs is always risky, especially from a multinational to a start-up. But for Basu it was the right time. “Are you Crazy,” her superior reacted when she conveyed her decision to leave HP to join SupportSoft, a small software firm.

Basu’s urge to work with smaller teams, where passions run deep was a strong motivator. She thrived on challenges and believed in turning them into opportunities. Her elasticity to accept mistakes, sustenance to adhere to values and vision to see the ultimate success, had helped her to clear many obstacles. “Most of the successful entrepreneurs have hit the bull’s eye only after missing it several attempts,” she says.

It would have been the same failed professional but gained personal story if Basu had missed the date to open the public offer for SupportSoft.

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