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Walk the tight rope

Navin V. Nagiah
Saturday, April 30, 2005
Navin V. Nagiah
The engineer, salesperson and marketer meet at the office water cooler:
Engineer (to marketer): We build. Sales sells. What do you guys do?
Salesperson mockingly (before marketer can respond): Oh! They are the sales prevention team.
Marketer (to himself): Nobody understands me!

Achieve Organizational Synchronicity
Marketing’s biggest challenge is to achieve and maintain organizational synchronicity. It has to bridge two disparate worlds: the internal (company) with the external (market); the extroverts (sales) with the introverts (Product/R&D); overt confidence with intellectual practicality; external promise (the company’s “offerings”) with internal operational execution (the company’s “produce”).

Very few companies are actually successful in walking this tightrope. Most marketing organizations are built with an emphasis on external communication–press releases, lead generation programs, cold call initiatives, etc. As a result, the benefits to the organization are incremental, short-term and usually not sustainable. It is therefore not surprising when engineering and operational professionals refer to marketing as either “hype” or “inessential” in most B2B companies.

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