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Geeks, Gadflies and Groups

Padmasree Warrior
Monday, July 31, 2006
Padmasree Warrior
No rules

Innovation seems to be the latest management mantra. Almost every conference and magazine these days expounds on it. The Economist even called innovation “the industrial religion of the 21st century”.

Add to this the plethora of books and seminars by leadership gurus discussing the “qualities” needed to lead innovative people and the “rules” necessary for building an innovative culture. All this makes me question, why the hype?
Yes, innovation is a critical ingredient for business growth and has been the subject of many business school case studies. Yes, it takes remarkable leaders with vision, passion and energy to drive ideas into reality. I wonder, isn’t this just about geeks, gadflies and groups? And letting them break a few rules?
There are no rules in the ethos of innovation - that’s been my mantra for the past several years.

It’s simple

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