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August - 2006 - issue > Ten Silly Reasons

10 Silly Reasons Techies give during Salary Negotiation

Sanjeev Jain
Monday, September 10, 2012
Sanjeev Jain
“If I have to shift to Bangalore I need double the salary”
HR Manager,

During one of our recruitment drives, I came across this person who actually convinced us not to have any more recruitment drives there. We were into the final rounds of negotiating salaries with the candidates we’d shortlisted, and to our surprise all of them were expecting at least 75 to 100 percent hike in their salaries. I tried probing one guy as to why his expectations were so high and he gave a queer excuse: “If I need to shift to Bangalore my expenses will naturally go up. I need to wear branded clothes, need money to go to pubs and buy hi-fi gadgets.”

Wisecrack: When HR managers probe you for demanding higher salaries, tell them you need to live up to Bangalore’s reputation. If not here, where else?

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