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GajShield: Reinforcing E-Businesses with Integrated Firewall Solutions

si Team
Wednesday, December 28, 2016
si Team
For a country like India that is transitioning to a digital era with millions of people accessing social media, mobility and cloud, there is an urgent need for stronger cyber laws and smart security systems. Firewalls have become an ideal network security solution in India as a result of growing penetration of internet resulting in an increasing number of hacking outbreaks. Today's enterprises seek security for critical applications, sensitive electronic data and complex computing infrastructure. With cyber attackers adopting advanced technologies for cyber crimes, simple firewalls are proving paralysed to adequately protect an organisation. This shift in technologies has created the need for more proactive and context-based approach to manage security. To counter this flood of threats on internet based businesses, Mumbai-based GajShield is offering intelligent and indigenous Next Generation Firewalls with Context based Data Leak Prevention solutions and cloud solutions.

With the help of Context based Data Leak Prevention system, the companies can setup native policies to limit the access of these applications based on authorisation granted by the organisation. For instance, to prevent the personal login in a company system, the management can implement NGFS and restrict, for say, only Corporate Yahoo! Id to login Yahoo!, blocking rest of the Ids. Unlike traditional Firewalls which only detect threats to maximum four layers of the OSI model, GajShield's Next Generation Firewall appliances leverage the layer 7 application visibility to identify exactly which application, threat vector and user makes the network vulnerable, thereby increasing the visibility, security and performance. It also allows creating user based policies across Firewall, IPS, URL Filtering, Data Leak Prevention, BYOD, ISP Flyover & Bandwidth Management P2P and IM control, hence giving granular and complete control of Security Implementation.

Holistic Solutions

Since the traditional firewalls are incapable of understanding content, popular applications like bit-torrent, Facebook, Gmail, Skype and Webchats constitute risk to enterprises as they are unable to affectively monitor and control these applications and the content sent through them. GajShield is the only Next Generation Firewall solution which gives an organisation complete control by providing 'Visibility', 'Monitor', 'Detection' and 'Prevention' of data being sent out of the enterprise, which current generation UTM devices are unable to do. "Our Context based Data Leak Prevention solution and Cloud security on its Next Generation firewall platform provides a unique and innovative solution to the existing pains of security in an enterprise," asserts Sonit Jain, Founder & CEO, GajShield. The Data Leak Prevention System understands the user and is capable of monitoring SSL encrypted data, thereby identifying who is accessing which application and what content is being uploaded on the Internet. Along with that, GajShield also provides the proactive virus detection required to close the early hour vulnerability gap during which millions of users are affected.

The company provides risk mitigation and policy enforcement for CEOs and CISOs through its in-the-cloud services accompanied by augmented user experience. Organisations do not need to purchase, deploy or manage countless point products. Companies simply define their corporate, security, control, and compliance policy by accessing GajShield's service. The web traffic leaving the PC is redirected to data centers in GajShield's global infrastructure or cloud maintained by the organisation. The company controls the end user traffic by scanning for range of malware threats, thereby delivering clean traffic. Furthermore, GajShield's ISP Fail-over and Load balancing allows enterprises control and distribute traffic across multiple internet links. Its high availability of clusters along with Centralized management tools provides ease of management to enterprises and MSSPs.

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