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Exafort: Catalyst for your Technical Prowess

Rachita Sharma
Tuesday, November 5, 2013
Rachita Sharma
Today's CIOs find themselves in a fix. With the emergence of Cloud and Mobile technologies, CIO's are exploring new ways to help their organization to reduce cost and improve efficiency. However, transforming their existing legacy IT infrastructure to a cloud driven ecosystem is proving to be expensive and complex. Success of such a transformation solely relies on an integration partner who not only brings a solid subject matter expertise, but also cloud-driven mindset to the table.

Understanding these requirements and solving these complexities for CIOs is Exafort Inc., a provider of professional services that help companies harness the potential of new generation cloud, mobile, BI and social technologies. Founded in 2009, the company is the brain child of Arun Kanchi, President and CEO a seasoned industry veteran. Leveraging his prior experience as the CIO of Force10 Networks, Kanchi and his team have built an arsenal of services and solutions that are today helping clients attain operational effectiveness, efficiency and end-to-end visibility and rapidly adapt to the constantly evolving business landscape.

Experience: the Best Asset

Exafort's success in the market can be attributed to the fact that they always stayed ahead of the technology curve and innovated for the future. "We had originally started as cloud systems integrators who provided fully managed IT solutions and applications running on public cloud, private clouds and hybrid clouds. With due course of time, our team saw a convergence of connected technologies such as big data, social and mobile. There was an evident gap in integrating all these technology forces to solve business problems. We saw an opportunity to help our customers achieve even more, "Kanchi explains about the transition that the company has gone through. Today the company is aligned with industry leading technologies and service providers to provide the best possible solutions to clients who range from privately held mid-market companies to Fortune 500 firms.

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