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Esencia Technologies: Designing Computationally Immense Networked Systems

SI Team
Friday, October 23, 2015
SI Team
With the advent of new tech-trends such as mobile, Big Data, and IoT, organizations are under immense pressure to reconsider their design methodologies to construct advanced products. "Many organizations lack deep knowledge in wireless, computer vision, DSP (digital signal processor), networking, as well as skilled engineers for building Integrated Circuit (IC) designs," says Pratap Reddy, CEO, Esencia Technologies.

In such a scenario this San Jose, CA, based Esencia Technologies, with its advanced code generators, deep IP portfolio, and a team of nearly 100 engineers is a step closer to solving the complex issue. "Our engineers are highly educated, and tempered by working on the most advanced SoC (system on chip) projects and system products in the industry," adds Reddy. In 2006, the founders of Esencia, created a powerful set of tools that would allow system designers to translate advanced mathematical algorithms into high-performance silicon.

Esencia today stands tall as a successful establishment in the design of computationally advanced systems, delivering powerful tools, and on-site design services. "As the market expands from mobile to Big Data and million-node IoT sensor networks, Esencia stands ready with the tools and team to solve the glitches in IC design," affirms Pratap Reddy, CEO, Esencia Technologies. "We have some of the most advanced signal processing design capability in the valley, a significant barrier to entry for our competitors."

According to Reddy, the designs that were developed in the past were just limited to a desktop PC, a GSM phone, or a handheld game. However, the designs of the future are computationally immense networked systems with nearly unlimited applications. "Esencia offers its partners the capability to expand vigorously into the blossoming markets enabled by the current technologies," he adds.

Esencia has introduced EScala Design Platform, which is the latest addition to the company's portfolio of specialized IP. "EScala is a configurable VLIW DSP platform that generates correct sequencer control logic in Verilog," says Reddy. "It is used in tandem with Esencia's MetaModules data path synthesis, to synthesize computationally and algorithmically complex integrated circuits." EScala Design Platform builds a team with powerful tools and experience for the system designers and managers who are building advanced networking, video and wireless systems and chips. The EScala designers can optimize memory area, speed, or power. EScala's graphical analysis tools are simple and intuitive as EScala and MetaModules generated code is power and performance efficient.

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